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 (Rik and Diane Stirling - Working Collie and Shollie Breeders in Minnesota)

handmade dog bed

Handmade Dog Beds

handmade dog bed

Angelheart Woodworking - Steven:  612-578-1254


Call Steven at:  612-578-1254, or email: - located in Minneapolis, MN

Steven, at Angelheart Woodworking, made this dog bed for his beloved Madeleine. She is getting older and she needs a nice comfortable place to lay down and sleep. She adopted her new bed immediately.

He will make one for you and your best friend(s).  He can custom design it to your liking - ask for a price quote.

They are 13" tall in the back, and 6" inches in the front. The overall width and length are 29 3/4 x 54 1/4". They are designed to fit a crib mattress perfectly. Crib mattresses are very easy to come by. You can buy them for as little as $30 new at Walmart, or free on Craigslist. The Dog beds are made of pre-finished 3/4" birch plywood so they are perfectly strong and stable. It is big enough for a Great Dane, or a couple of Whippets, maybe three. It also could be used as a whelping box, without the mattress. Each corner has an adjustable stainless steel foot so it doesn't rock so easy, and hopefully doesn't scratch any floors that way.

The price is $200 without the crib mattress, because they are so accessible.  Steven figured he would let you purchase one on your own, that way you get the proper cover for your style.

Buy 5? $175 each.

Buy 10? $150 each

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