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 (Diane Stirling - Working Collie Breeder in Minnesota)



If a family is interested in adopting one of our Puppy(ies)/Adults:

Stirling Collies has certain Documentation in place to protect the rights of our Puppy/Adult Families, as well as safeguard our Breeding program.

Once a family has selected a Puppy(ies)/Adult, Collie or Collie Mix, and placed a deposit in 1/2 the amount to mark their Puppy(ies)/Adult "pending" their approval, we then start the process of preparing for your Puppy(ies)/Adult acceptance to join your family and his/her shipping needs/requirements.  I will email each family the required documents to prepare for your pet's adoption.  Click on each Document to download/print.  Fill out/sign where indicated.  Scan/fax your required documents back to Stirling Collies, so that we can prepare for your Puppy(ies)/Adult Collie or Collie Mix:  Approval / Adoption / Purchase and Transportation needs/requirements. 


Any questions, email me at:, or give me a call at:  320-420-9989.


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