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 (Diane Stirling - Working Collie Breeder in Minnesota)


Many Non-Carrier for CEA

Rough Coat Collies and Smooth Coat Collies



We do offer the service of MicroChipping for your puppy/adult Collie. With so many dogs being lost, or stolen, never again to be reunited with their families, MicroChipping is a permanent way to identify your Collie, to bring him/her safely back home.

If you plan on obtaining OFA certification, or CERF certification, a microchip is required.

Our MicroChipping will save you 35-60% from what your vet charges.




*MicroChipping Your Collie

*PRE-PAID Registration with AVID's Tracking System -NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU!

(Normally, there is an additional cost separate from the microchipping itself, to register your pet with the AVID tracking system - $15.00)


AVID is one of the worldwide leaders in microchip identification and provides the PETTRAC Database to help reunite lost pets and their owners all around the world!

AVID has over 15 years experience in providing a high quality, reliable service which is recognized the world over. AVID believes in providing the complete system, and is the only company in the world to design, manufacture and supply we provide the 24 hr database service for our microchips. 



Q. What is an AVID Microchip?

A. The AVID microchip is a sophisticated computer chip which is pre-programmed with a totally unique identification number. The device is encapsulated within a biocompatible glass material, which means that there is virtually no chance of the body developing an allergy or trying to reject the microchip, after being properly implanted.The microchip contains no battery or power source, and is powered by the microchip scanner.

Q. How does it work?

A. When a vet, humane society, or rescue center scans a found Collie, the unique microchip number is displayed to them using a special scanner. With one simple, free phone call to AVID's 24 hr hotline, they can verify who you are and release your contact details. Your Collie can then be reunited directly with you. Now you can enjoy real peace of mind!

Q. How long does the Microchip last?

A. The microchip itself has no power supply to replace or moving parts to wear out, and therefore it can be expected to last decades, well beyond the lifespan of your Collie.

Q. Why should I get my Collie Microchipped?

A. Microchips provide a permanent, non-changeable or removable means of identification that will not be lost over time, as can occur with tags and tattoos. Owner information is immediately accessible, ensuring the rapid return of your lost Collie, avoiding delays, which can be found with other methods of identification.

Q. Is the MicroChipping included in the price of the collie?

A. No, this is an Additional Service, sold separately. Our fee is only $49.00.

Q. Could my Collie be allergic to the AVID Microchip?

A. The AVID microchip is inert and biocompatible. There is virtually no chance of the body developing an allergy or trying to reject the microchip after being properly implanted.

Q. Can a Microchip move?

A. AVID microchips are coated with Parylene C, which is vacuum-deposited polymer. This coating once in contact with the body fluids, forms a small layer of connective tissue around the microchip, preventing movement of the chip.

Q. What should I do if I change addresses?

A. Notify the AVID tracking system, by calling their customer service.

Q. At what age can my Collie be Microchipped?

A. Puppies can be identified anytime from 8-12 weeks old. If you purchase your Microchip from Stirling Collies, then your Collie will be Microchipped before it arrives in your home.

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