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Clearwater, Minnesota
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Time to share some of our new families "Joy/Happiness" with others who visit our website...
Letters from Families that have purchased our Working Collies. Some letters have been edited, due to lack of space.
Enjoy... I will be adding/updating additional letters periodically.  A Collie or Collie/Shepherd Mix is classified as a working dog.  They are used for the purposes of herding, guarding, service or therapy work, security or breeding.  Although they live in our families homes, they have important jobs to do and are loved VERY much by their families!



Stirling Collies: References-Reviews

Philippians 4:8-9 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever thing are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.

June 2021

Hi Diane
We got two wonderful dogs from you Sadie and Bruno.  You probably don’t remember us but we have brought them there when we went on vacations for you to watch, we are from Minneapolis have four boys.  I just wanted to let you know Sadie passed away last Friday at age 14, she was the most wonderful dog.  We miss her so much. We are so glad we got her from you thank you 💕. 

Bruno is now 13 1/2 he’s doing ok, he’s been a great dog  too. 

I just like you to know how much the dogs you raise mean as pets to the families who get them.

It is so hard to lose a pet, that is for sure…they are such a wonderful part of a family.

Thank you! 

S. Redepenning - Minnesota

April 2021

I hope you are doing well and had a great Easter.  I got a sable/black little girl from the Nyah/Bear litter in July of 2020 and I wanted to share some pictures with you.  I named her Zoey, and she is literally my best friend!  Zoey loves to go for walks and play with her neighbor friend Tucker.  Her coat has changed color a little since we got her, but she has grown into a beautiful young lady and I get compliments on how pretty she is.  She is a little shy of meeting new people, but she loves meeting other dogs and she has the sweetest personality.  She is also the smartest dog I've ever had, learning new tricks and commands within 1-2 days!  Zoey has been a blessing in my life and I cannot thank you enough for your help in finding me the perfect furbaby :)    She is so special to me and I could not be happier!  I prayed God would bring me the right dog, and she is so more than I could have ever hoped for!  Thank you again!


L.S. - Tennessee

October 2019


I thought I’d give you an update on my sweet Ruby. She is an amazing dog and I’m so thankful she’s in my life. She really has changed my life for the better. I’ve always dreamed of owning a rough collie as they’re my favorite breed of dog, now I have her. She’s coming up to being 5 months old soon and she’s been doing great, I’ve been taking her to training, she now is getting the hang of, coming when called, heel, sit, place, and lay down. She loves to bark too, so she’s getting better on being quiet on command. Also some fun tricks like roll over and shake that I’ve been working on with her. I know you like to hear updates on your dogs so I thought I’d give you one and tell you how thankful I am on making my dream of a collie possible. Here’s some pictures of her. 

L. Herron - Wyoming, MN

September 2019



   I sent you some pictures of Ivy that I took yesterday. I wanted to thank you for such a sweet puppy.  She has only had 2 accidents in the house and for the most part scratches at the door to go outside. My Sadie took to Ivy immediately, acting like a mama. They are already bonded and I love that!  Ivy already knows the command sit, come, and shake. Smart little girl.  The vet said she looks wonderful. Growing by leaps and bounds and is already 14lbs. Those ears....I absolutely love them :)  Anyway, have a great day Diane, Thank you again. Ivy is turning out to be exactly what I was hoping for.


Have a great day,

P. Walstad - MN


Good evening!
My name is Sabrina and I had gotten Heidi (then sparky) a couple years back, and I’ve been meaning to send you at least one update on her!!  So, for starters, upon arrival, we decided on the name Heidi instead as we felt she was just so sweet and delicate it would fit her better!
Next, she has been a complete joy to me and my family since the beginning, and we spoil her rotten!! On top of this, having her companionship really helped me through some of the hardest times in my life, and I cannot thank you enough for it.
She’s sweet, kind, loving, listens AMAZINGLY well, all the while still having the wild child hard headed streak in her. She truly is a human toddler!! She’s right now laying down next to me as we speak, and she’s just so stinking sweet I can’t get over it. When my friends meet her for the first time, they always say how they’ve never seen such a well behaved and sweet pup before.
Sometimes she barks at people when she’s caught off guard, but it’s more because she’s scared than it is about being aggressive or anything. The only time she gets rough is when playing and it gets out of hand, but as soon as I say one thing she backs off!! My family has been wanting to find a little brother or sister for her to play with as the dogs she is often around are small! So, you may be hearing from us again soon!!! :)
I hope all is well up there, and if possible, would want to one day reunite her with her Momma and Papa (as long as you don’t think it could emotionally upset either one or Heidi) and play in the many feet of snow that she SO loves!!!! (Oh yea, snow is her thing. It makes me so happy when it snows here because she gets so excited like it’s meant to be)!
All in all, she’s a happy pup and we snuggle together all the time, and she’s a total princess and my baby and I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world ❤️
I’ve only got one professional nice photo of her, but I can send more if you’d like! And I’m sorry this was a quick run down! I could go on and on about her so just let me know if you want to know more on how she’s doing!
S. Denardo - North Carolina

shollie sableblack.jpeg

November 2018

Hi Diane, I thought you might want to see Gus on his first day of puppy school. Needless to say - he is a star pupil and a neighborhood favorite! Thank you again for our sweet boy!

C. Lowe - Minnesota

November 2018

These are 2 pictures with Duncan and my male collie Merlin who is 14 years old.  Merlin does well with Duncan and is playing with him almost like he was 10 years younger.  Duncan has done well and currently goes on over 4 mile walks a day and plays in the back yard.  He is an energetic pupper and does well with my 3 grandchildren ages 2-7.  


I could not be more pleased with him.

With warmest regards,

D. Sugar - New Mexico

August 2018

Review from N.K. in Northern Minnesota


Hello!  I am excited to share about our wonderful experience working with Stirling Collies! There have been so many positive elements, I will break it down to some top highlights...


*Diane has been prompt to respond to my emails & questions, both before and after we purchased our puppy.


*It is easy to see Diane is very knowledgeable & cares deeply for each dog.  She provides wonderful information to help educate families & ensure their dogs have a long, healthy life.  Some of her suggestions may not be what your typical dog owner would know about (chemical free pest-repellant disks, the recommendation to avoid early spaying or neutering, etc.). HOWEVER, her recommendations come after years of experience and I highly encourage other families to follow her caring advice!


*The Stirling Shollie we purchased is a healthy, sweet, dog!  She is very smart and has been learning things quickly. She is gentle and great with other dogs and children!  Tovah is also beautiful and people comment all the time on how pretty she is! 


I highly recommend Stirling Collies!!

February 2018

Just a note. Merlin is a great member of the family and has made himself responsible for our 1st grandchild- Noella. He is 26 inches tall, 70 lbs-starting to fill out with a strong herding instinct. A more easy going and obedient friend we could not find. Thank you for maintaining a breeding program that produced such a companion and friend. 
Bob C. - Nevada

Blue Merle Shollie.jpg
gus abd friebd puppy school.jpg

July 2017

We got a sweet Shollie (Collie/Shepard mix) from Stirling Collies and couldn't be happier!  I appreciate Diane's care and patience with my many questions and concerns.  I read some negative reviews (which look to me from a very disgruntled individual posting several negative views).  This I find very sad as I have nothing but good things to say about our wonderful new puppy!  I also appreciate all the education and natural products for our new dog.  We will actually be saving by going with the Life's Abundance Dog Food and NuVet supplement.  We also purchased the Pet Protector tag and will post later our review on this item as it takes time to kick in. Overall, we are very blessed and happy with our new puppy and would HIGHLY recommend anyone to get their new family member from this breeder.

Michelle - Florida

June 2017

I would love to share my experience. To tell you about Stirling Collies I have to share a little about myself. I did animal rescue, primarily dogs, for 10 years. I rescued dogs of all breeds. Purebred and mixed breeds. Young and old. Healthy and in bad shape. So I had seen a lot, worked with a lot, loved a lot and cried more than a lot. I had a couple dogs of my own while rescuing and the love of my life came to me. Kya was a German Shepard puppy I adopted at 8 weeks from a friend and fellow rescuer. Kya became my soul mate. She was amazing with correcting and keeping the rescue dogs in line over the years. 


At the age of 7.5 Kya was diagnosed with bone cancer. Not a good candidate for medical treatment. I had to put her down 6 weeks later. I was ready, mentally. Emotionally I was a wreck for 3 months, barely able to function.  I took me three years before thinking about getting another big dog.  Then in May of 2016 I decided no more Shepards, for now.  I decided to look for a collie. I had not had any real experience with Collies, but knew and loved the herding breeds.  I first looked for a rescue.  None to be found.  So I went out on a limb and looked for Collie breeders. Stirling Collies was the first website I looked at.  Being somewhat against breeders I was going to find a reputable one.  I searched every inch of Diane websites.  I was comfortable and sent an email inquiring mainly about adults 2-5 yrs.  She had and knew of none.  So I asked about puppies.  I made an appt to meet the one available puppy the next day, which was a Sat.  I arrived and scrutinized everything I could see, looking for anything out of place, wrong, dangerous, hoarding, indiscriminate breeding.  Anything that would raise a red flag.  I found nothing.  


Diane met me at the door and we went out to the pen with the mom and puppies.  One was going home in a couple weeks.  We went inside the pen.  I looked Mom (Snow Lilly) over and over and over.  She was healthy, great temperament, agreeable, cautious as most herding breeds are, and attached to Diane.  The pen was clean, the puppies active and healthy.  I asked questions about her breeding practices, how old Mom was, what vetting was done, everything on my list.  Diane answered everything to my satisfaction and I went home that day with Quinn.  Quinn is now 15 months old, has his mom's personality, as most puppies will, and an amazing dog.  Smart, beautiful, learns quickly, relatively obedient, as much as any teenager would be.  I was impressed with Diane and her breeding facilities, the health and temperament of the dogs and had a very pleasant and agreeable experience.  While I am still cautious of breeders, I completely trust Diane and Stirling Collies.  I look forward to working with her again.


B. Doffing - Minnesota

June 2017








Hello Diane ~

"My husband and I purchased a Stirling rough coat collie puppy May of 2016.  We chose a male, and fittingly named him 'Moose', as he's large in both size (75 lbs full grown) and personality.  Moose has been a delight to have; he's sweet, very intelligent, and also a touch stubborn (we think this comes from him being so smart!).  And while his pastimes include blowing bubbles in his water dish, hanging out with his two kitty brothers, and running around with our horse, his absolute favorite is playing in the snow.  Although Moose loves kids and is very social with other dogs, he is also a great guard dog, always alerting us to cars coming up the drive (or birds/bunnies in the yard).


From the start, purchasing Moose was easy with the Stirlings.  We had recently lost our beloved Doberman, Bella, and were uncertain a collie would fit our adventurous lifestyle.  During a great initial conversation over the phone, wherein Diane describe her dogs and business, she helped us decide a male would fit our desire for a "velcro" (or very personable and loyal) dog.  Diane let us know when we could choose our puppy, and because of our excitement, we had first-choice of our pup.  Once the puppies were old enough, we made a scheduled house visit and met both parents, as well as our little Moose (who was already the first pup to be able to climb over his whelping boards), and it was love at first sight.  Diane also allowed me to surprise my husband by picking Moose up a day early (at his 8-week mark).  She had bathed him for me, and sent us home with a bag of puppy food and lots of tips to be successful with raising him.  At just over a year old, we are very happy with our Stirling puppy and would not hesitate to purchase another if we decide to do so.  He's been a pleasure to own, and the Stirlings were easy to work with.”


C. Bass, PhD - WI


April 2017

Hi! Our collie is doing great!  Thanks so much. That is good info. I’m grateful for your help in getting us this collie. He is smart, beautifully and incredibly sweet. The pain of the tragic death of our last collie has been made easier by the presence of this new little fella. Honestly, sometimes I hold him and cry, both in remembrance of his predecessor and out of thankfulness for this puppy. Attached is a pic of the collie we lost in November, to a tragic accident. Thanks again for everything.

March 2017

Hi Diane,
I wanted to send some more pictures of Aspen (Collie/Shepherd mix) and share an update! Her coat has changed so much the past couple of months. It has really fluffed out and she barely sheds. She got spayed a few weeks ago and bounced back right away. She still absolutely loves everyone and other dogs.  There is a large wildlife management area near our house that people bring their dogs to walk off leash and play. We have been bringing her there every weekend and she just loves it. She has learned to swim.  She loves to jump on things and absolutely loves the snow.  She finally is starting to use her German Shepherd bark to alert us when someone is at the door, but greets them with a wagging tail.  She is a better dog than we imagined possible! She is such a sweetheart.  Hope you are doing well!
-Heather - CT

January 2017

Dear Diane,
I thought I would send you an update of our wonderful girl, Kacie!
She was from a Mindi/Shadow litter. Absolutely could not be more thrilled with her. She has made a great addition to our family. Fabulous temperament; very playful;extremely smart. Could not be more pleased and would definitely consider getting another fur baby from you.  Much thanks again!
M Barrett - Ohio


December 2016


By the way, I luv my Dog soooooooooooooooooooooo much!
He knows all the basic sit, down, stay commands, he also rings the bell to go out, barks twice to come inside, can wipe his feet, goes or comes in any direction I point, he brings things to Mom and to Dad (me) and so much more…he is so smart its scary
 Curt Allen - LA

December 2016

Hi Diane,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Roxy is doing Great. Absolutely Beautiful. Very smart canine. Shes our Pride & Joy. She now gets along with the cats. Zippy & Selena. They love to play. Enjoy the Holidays. 

Ken Curtis - IL

December 2016

I know I have not talked to you in many years but I wanted to let you know that the collie(Magen's Bay) turned out to be
the best dog we ever had! With that said, after 12 years and one day, we had to put her down on Tuesday. Very hard and
now at my age I am not sure if I will be getting another collie or not. We will give it sometime and then think about it. Again,
she was outstanding and gave us much joy over the years! Never a problem in all those years!

Joe - MN

Blue Merle-White Collie
Tri Smooth Collie

September 2016

Hello Diane,

I thought I'd send you an updated photo of Waya from today after our 7 mile run this morning! He's so smart, confident and capable! I left him intact and his communication with other dogs is confident and discerning. He is protective and can be so gentle. Incredible disposition behaviorally and aesthetically. He's definitely a mans best friend and, I'm so thankful I found your website when I did - He's a gift from heaven.
Happy Labor Day weekend

B. DelGaudio - CA


August 2016

Diane I just wanted to let you know that we adore our puppy, he has the best disposition and he is so cotton-pickin sweet! He slept with Anika last night on her pillow by her head and I just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of our heart.

C. Stratton - Nevada

June 2016







Hi Diane!
It's been a while since I've update you, I wanted to send you some pictures of my boy. I can't believe he is 2 already!! He's such a sweetheart and definitely my protector. He is such a talker! We have conversations everyday. He's got many best friends and loves his people!!
I am living in St Joe, and would love to come and visit sometime so you can see how awesome he is!
I am still grateful for the gift of my best friend.

Stirling Collies
Stirlingcollies - Shollie

click here to play video


Video - One of our Collies in a TV commercial - proudly owned by J. Gilmet in Arizona.

Hello Diane,

Hi, Tino did a commercial and its been on TV for the last 2 weeks.  Go to youtube, look up JG Wentworth get help girl, and there he is our Tino!  Now he has been in a magazine and a commercial!  Sure its ok, we had no idea he would turn out to be a star and he is such a great dog, he is always by my side and waits by the front door for me to come home everynight. Thanks! Jack  - Arizona

June 2016

Howdy Diane,
Yes I do remember that Allie is related to the Lassie star,  but for me she has even more famous bloodlines.  Being a collie lover I am sure you probably know of the famous author of dog stories and owner of the most famous collie kennel of all time--Albert Payson Terhune and his Sunnybank kennel in New Jersey.  He raised collies in the 1920s and 1930s.  I have almost all his books and he is responsible for starting my love of collies when I was a teenager.  I recently found an article on the internet where another collie lover and author named Kristina Marshall traced the bloodline of a contemporary  collie named CH Pinewynd's Sparkling Brut all the way back to a famous Sunnybank collie.  She wanted to prove that the Sunnybank collies were "alive and well today".  I looked at Allie's pedigree and Sparkling Brut appears twice on Simba's side.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would own a collie with Sunnybank blood.  I will be forever grate full to you.  By the way Mr Terhune was a strong Christian and started a book just before he died in 1942.  His wife finished it after his death.  It is about life after death.  If you haven't heard of it, it is "Across the Line", by Albert Payson Terhune. It is a very short book and very thought provoking and is still in print, available on Amazon.
About Life's Abundance dog food - Allie has never eaten anything but that--two and a half cups plus a dental treat everyday!
God Bless
Jim Maggs - Texas

June 2016

Howdy Diane,
     It has been awhile since I sent you an update on our now 2 and a half year old collie Allie, from Amber/Simba litter. She is by far the most beautiful, most well behaved, most loving dog that I have ever owned, and I am almost 70 years old and have had dogs my whole life, including several other collies.  Two months ago we took her with us to a 950 acre dog friendly nature preserve/resort in central Texas where we hiked about ten miles per day for 3 days.  She had a blast and the staff at the resort went crazy over her.  Several of the staff members told me that she was the prettiest and most well behaved dog to visit the resort since they had been working there.
     About a year ago Texas A&M University conducted a nationwide search to replace their aging mascot, always a female sable/white rough collie.  Our veterinarian contacted me and asked my permission to nominate Allie.  He said of all his collie patients,  Allie was the most perfect example both in looks and temperament of what a collie should be, and she was the age they were looking for. If selected I would have to sell or donate her to the university where she would live on campus owned and cared for by students. As an alumni of Texas A&M it would have been an honor to provide them with their next mascot, but there was no way that I could ever part with her, so I declined the offer.  They eventually purchased a  one year old collie from a breeder in Ohio.
     She goes with me almost everywhere I go, and strangers are always coming up to me remarking about what a beautiful dog she is and wanting to pet her. Allie is certainly a testament to the wonderful breeding program that you have.  Some people think I am crazy to have driven all the way from Texas to Minnesota just to buy a puppy, but I tell them that for a dog like this I would have driven twice that far.   
Thank you again, and God Bless
Jim Maggs - Texas


June 2016

Hi Diane,
I just had to contact you and send you the following comment I posted on a complaint board I stumbled across tonight.
“Our beloved Gypsy of 7 years passed away. I searched high and low for 2 years to find another rough female tri-color collie puppy, that I could afford. I found Stirling Collies online. After numerous emails and phone conversations, I visited their home and purchased our new Gypsy 2 from Diane. I have been thoroughly satisfied with the entire transaction from day one. The Stirlings are extremely loving and caring breeders. Our new Gypsy 2 is one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned and trained. I'm over sixty and have always had dogs as companions. Gypsy 2 has saved my wife from rattlesnake bites on more than one occasion since she is so attentive and protective. I find myself having to agree with the above comments by RavenX. If you don't know the collie breed and are not willing to put in the time and love for training in the beginning, don't blame the breeder. I dare to say that practically every complaint is the fault of the owners, if the real truth were to come out. I have now had Gypsy 2 for over nine years and she is still the sweetheart she was from the day I picked her up. Don't dare bash the Stirlings for something that is beyond their control. Take advantage of their offer to take the dog back at any time, and do all collies a favor, don't own one, you don't deserve such a sweet loving breed. By the way, my next collie will be from Diane Stirling without hesitation.
Conrad Cutchin Hot Springs, SD proud owner of a Stirling Collie”
I was appalled at some of the comments on that board.  They should all be ashamed.  We will be in touch in the future for another one of God’s wonderful creatures.
God Bless to you and yours,


Tasha was born Dec 13th, 2003.  We purchased her from you.  Many times she loved to nip and bite.  We did not think we could keep her.  She turned out to be the Best dog in the world!  We found we had the love and care she needed.  We lost her to cancer on the 2nd of March. Tasha was a little over 12 years old. We miss her and we were so lucky to have her!  Hope you send this to people that tough dogs need love. They do great with patience and love.      Dave and Marcy Beck











Hello Diane,
 I hope you're having a wonderful day!  Today is Jack's birthday and we have had a great 2 years together. I wanted to share a quick update with you.  Jack has a been such a great companion and good dog.  He now has a little sister, Zoey, who is a mini Australian Shepard.  Those two have so much fun together and keep eachother busy and active.  Jack also comes along to the park with me all the time to disc golf with me.  To keep him working he carries his treats and water in a pack and he loves meeting all of the people out on the course. 
 I just can't say enough how wonderful the collies you share with the world are!  Jack has been such a wonderful part of my life and I look forward to all the other adventures we continue to have. I hope you enjoy the pictures I've included.
God Bless,


stirlingcollies - shollie

January 2016

Hi Diane,

Just wanted to send you a picture of puppy Kaia from the July liter. We love her!BJ and Nicole DeBoer








November 2015

Hi Diane, This is your old friend, Dave Sorenson from Quincy, Illinois. Hope you and your family are all doing well and receiving some of our Lord's richest blessings. I think of you often and hope things are going well. I am deeply sorry to have to report to you that Duke, the male Collie we purchased from you about 15 years ago had to be put down. Poor Duke was experiencing such pain in his hips even though he was under a Vet's care, medication and supplements all in an attempt to alleviate his pain. He was the finest, most loyal, obedient, friendly and loving pet we ever had come to live with us. So, two weeks ago yesterday, with tears running down our faces, we placed him in the Lord's hands as we took him out of his pain and suffering. People often commented upon his beauty, friendly disposition and how he could have passed as the Lassie collie on TV. While I doubt that we will ever be blessed by the Lord having another such outstanding collie for us, we wonder if you would mind keeping your eyes open for another sable male puppy. We may be open to an older male should you have one with very good temperament and in need of a good and loving home. Thank you, Diane. We are keeping you and your family in our prayers. Blessings to you and yours. Dave Sorenson


November 2015

Hi Diane,We just wanted to show off another picture of Buck. He is just over 13 months now and we are so happy we got him from Stirling Collies. He is a strong, handsome guy and we always get people of all ages calling him Lassie. Thanks again and God Bless you. Sincerely, Bill & Joyce - Minnesota







October 2015

Hi Diane,

We purchased a purebred Collie from Stirling Collies earlier this year (2015).  We went to visit the facility to see the Sire and Dam, and meet with Rik and Diane.  We found no issues with them or their dogs.  We purchased a female that was 12 weeks old.  She has been very sweet and hasn't shown any signs of mental or medical issues.  We have two little girls and our new addition to the family is a perfect fit.  She is protective of every family member, extremely social with all dogs and strangers.  Our Vet has consistently reiterated that our Collie is the perfect specimen of the Collie breed, and continuously compliments her looks and personality.  This is my third Collie, first from Stirling Collies. 

Diane cares deeply for her dogs.  In the event that we would like to add another member to the family, I would not hesitate getting another puppy from Stirling Collies.

R. Guidarini - Minnesota


September 2015

Hi Diane,Thought you might like to see a picture of what a handsome boy Waya is now at almost 3 yrs old.

God bless,

Brandon - San Francisco, CA






September 2015

Hi.  I got a rough Collie from you about 6 years ago.  I just wanted to let you know how things are going.  We named her Sandy.  Her parents had different coats, i can’t remember which order if the mother or the father was smooth coat and the other was rough coat.  We love our girl and we now have a small child since getting her.  She does very well with our daughter who is nearly 3 years old.  My daughter loves chasing her around the house and giving her hugs and kisses.  I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a Rough Collie owner.  She is the greatest thing to happen to us.  I’ll attach a photo of our Sandy.  We live in Comox, BC, Canada.


Stirling Collies - shollie
Stirling Collies

September 2015

Hello Diane,
I hope you and your family, all two and four-legged members, are doing well.  We purchased our puppy from you October of 2014.
Our puppy has grown into a dog and a true member of our family.  Her name is Moka Latte.  She is so smart and such a caring dog.  She has to always be a part of the action.  There is nothing she is not interested in becoming a part of (except for vacuuming).
Moka has a great temperament.  She is excellent with other dogs.  While a bit wary of strangers she is most interested in meeting them, giving them a sniff and then making friends.
Moka loves long walks and to play with her toys.  But the great thing is she has a wonderful energy -willing to walk for miles but never overly hyperactive.
She is a superb guard dog, alerting us to anything that is amiss but listens well when advised that there is no need for alarm.
We love her and thank you for sharing your wonderful pups with the world
May God bless you all,
Kris W - La Crosse, WI

Stirling Collies - shollie

August 2015

Hi Diane,
   Just wanted to let you know that Autumn finally finished her Novice title in obedience today.  She also finished her Rally Advanced title this weekend.  So her name is now Stirling's Touchwood Autumn CD, RA.  

Lynn - IA

Hebrews 10:24  And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works.

August 2015

Happy Birthday to ME!!!  Thanks Diane!  She'll be here just in time for my birthday next week.  I've read and reread all your instruction and advice.  As a testament to your commitment to excellent service, I have no questions at this time.  Just eager anticipation.   I truly feel like you are a partner with us in this commitment.  The work you have done just on the website alone is a testament to the love you have for all your pups.  We'll lean on your advise and have already taken to heart what we've learned from the website.

Thanks again and God bless,

Paul - Wilmington, DE

July 2015

Currently - This family is hoping to have a 2nd Shollie join them from one of our future litters.  Her comment on her current Shollie is:  "The Best Dog I Ever Owned!"

S. Spratt - Oklahoma City, OK


July 2015

Diane :
Hope you and your family are well and have a great 4th weekend.   We just wanted to check in and let you know how happy and healthy Miss Scout is.    She is very tall and beautiful and we have had numerous people tell us she's the most beautiful smooth coat they've ever seen.   She weighs 65 lbs and trots like a show dog.   Most importantly, she's our love and we couldn't imagine life without her!!!!!

Thanks so much. 
B. Bowers - MI


May 2015

Hi Diane,

Ms Calia K is awesome!  She is in training for therapy dog, she turns on lights she is awesome!! Thank u so much love her to death!!please keep me in your thoughts for female tri. I want a nicely marked tri girl to add to the bunch.

Holly - Hardwick, MA


May 2015









Hi Diane.  I hope this message finds you well.
I wanted to share this photo with you – with my enduring gratitude to you for helping us get what has turned out to be the dog of our dreams.
Ginger is simply the most wonderful dog, and absolutely beloved to Ev and Ro.
She is smart, hilarious, and well-behaved  – her fur is soft and lustrous and she moves like a prancing horse.
We sometimes debate the best part of her: her face, her ears, or my favorite – her lovely tail with its cheerful white flag at the tip.
(OK, she is beloved to me too!!!)
Take the best of care – and again, my enduring thanks.
Annie - MA


April 2015
Hi Diane!
I just wanted to give you an update on Gatsby as he just passed his S.T.A.R puppy program this morning he is progressing so much and I have decided to put him into agility once we get him through his next 2 obedience classes! He is such a loyal companion. I get so many compliments on him at puppy school.I also had a lady who runs one of the classes ask me where I got him as her spouse is looking to buy a collie and I gave them your website and talked to them about what wonderful dogs you own and breed with and the wonderful potential the breed presents. I hope all is well with you and thank you again for breeding such wonderful and loving dogs
God bless, Aaron - Fargo ND


December 2014

Hello Diane,
   I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday season!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!  Thank you for best gift with Jack joining my family.  He has been such a wonderful companion! He is very popular at the dog park and when we go for walks.  Everyone complements him for being such a beautiful dog and well behaved.  It is your great breeding and selection that deserve all the complements.
God Bless,


September 2014

Just wanted to send a few updated pics of Ginger. It's been a few years. She gets along well with our other dog. Now we got a stray cat and she does very well with her. Now when i sit on the couch it's me, two dogs, a cat and two kids. Love it��
Good bless,
Steve Shiller - PA


September 2014

This is from one of our Shollie (collie/shepherd mix) families:

Titus is maturing beautifully and he is the picture of health and happiness! I am so spoiled and will never look at another breed : ) We love him so much! Wish we could afford a whole pack. I think collies must be potato chip dogs. They are so wonderful you have to have more than one : ) If you can only have one dog though, they are perfection.
God Bless! Holly - SC


July 2014

Cynthia complimenting the LAX Kennel Club (pet boarding/sitting/grooming), was an amazing place for my 10 month-old Smooth Collie, Salt!  I needed a place where he could run his butt off & play with other dogs for 5 hours @ day, for about a week.  Salt was afraid at first, but after the 2nd day, he remembered, & was so excited to go in!  Third day of pick-up, he greeted me, then turned around & wanted to go BACK, where his buddies were!  LOL!  The staff was super professional, friendly & very responsible.  I could not have asked for a better place for my boy to go.  It was way better than playing at the local dog-park, which was always scary, & stressful.

Cynthia Phuphanich - Redondo Beach, CA (this is the woman that complained online that her dog was mentally unbalanced at 8 1/2 weeks old when it arrived on a plane into LAX on 10/25/13.)  Salt sure sounds great in her online reviews of the LAX Kennel Club and at the Educated Dog Learning Center in CA, with the trainer Betsy - see her online review below in January 2014.  


July 2014

Hey Diane,
 I hope everything is going well!  I hope your daughter is doing well!  Jack is such a great dog and doing well.  He is very smart and picks up on commands and tricks very quickly.  I went to sign him up for puppy classes and since I'd already taught him the basic commands he got to skip straight to level 2.  Everyone who meets him comments how beautiful he is and how calm and friendly.  You have a great bloodline of collies and I'm very blessed to have gotten Jack!  I'm sure you hear many of these praises from the other owners, but I wanted to give you a quick update on how Jack was doing.
God Bless,
Scott - Minnesota


May 2014









Hi Diane, Just thought I'd drop a new picture of Bam Bam on you. He is still doing very well!  He started to harass the neighbors chickens, but hopefully we can get that urge to go away! He's also kind of skittish around people who are new or not always around, but I'm pretty sure he'll outgrow that as well. I know he's only eight months old, but I think he is a great dog! He is very friendly and has fun all the time! I don't remember him being in a bad mood ever. I'm so happy I got this dog I just can't believe it! Thank you very much!  If I ever decide to get another I hope you're still in business!

Thanks again,

M. Berglund - Minnesota


May 2014












Hi Diane, We bought a Collie pup from you a few years ago (2005) and she has been awesome! Starting to consider getting another to raise with our Shasta before she gets too old. We live in WA state. Last time we picked her up from you when we were visiting in MN.  Attached pic... Shasta, self appointed chicken guardian.  Shasta has been an almost model dog, she has never shown any inclination to kill anything. She currently lives with our chickens and has put a stop to whatever was beheading them. And when a hen recently nested right under her front door and the chicks hatched she was positively enamored with the chicks. Acted like a first time mom. LOL! So what I'm really looking for is a pup with similer temperment, who can be raised with and by her and taught to take care of our flocks. Basically taught by her since she taught herself and I don't even know how that started. Must be in her to do that. She has also served as horse guardian in the past. We had a filly who was convinced Shasta was her mom.  I'm reasonably confident Shasta will know how to handle the pup and let it know what is appropriate behavior around the other animals.

J Karlsen - WA


April 2014

Hi Diane!

Just a quick note to let you know that “Stella” is doing great!  She sure is a cutie!  She gets along great with my 2 dogs… is an EXCELLENT eater and seems very happy.  She learned to go up the stairs today!

Thank you so much!

Lauren - Crestline, CA


April 2014

Thanks for letting us know about your health guarantee.

She's a very smart and happy dog.  She loves hanging with us during tv/reading time and has made the shelf under the coffee table into her personal cave-bed.  And she loves walks around the property. 

Ron - Medford, OR  


January 2014

Cynthia Phuphanich compliments:  The Educated Dog Learning Center - Pet Training - California

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you go with Betsy, to train both you & your dog.  I spent a lot of time searching & studying which trainer to hire for my new Smooth Collie puppy.    Wanted to make the dollar investment worth it, & get my pup & me off to a good start.  Salt, my pup, is a very intelligent boy, & needs lots to keep his mind learning good behaviors.  Betsy was & still is everything you would want a trainer to be.  She is calm & confident, & your pup will sense that right away.
We have just finished our first 6 sessions, & I have a great pup who walks, by my side, sits, comes, stays, leaves-it, drop-it,  touch, & plays with other puppies really well.  He even rings the bell I have on the back door to tell me when he wants to go out to potty!  Yea!  We have chosen to continue training with Betsy, so Salt can be a Therapy dog when he gets older.  Now is the time to train.  
Thank You Betsy!

Cynthia Phuphanich - Redondo Beach, CA (this is the woman that complained online that her dog was mentally unbalanced at 8 1/2 weeks old when it arrived on a plane into LAX on 10/25/13.)  Salt sure sounds great in her online review with the Trainer, Betsy, and at the LAX Kennel Club - see January 2014 above.  


December 2013
Angel is soooo at home here right now. She loves Laps to sleep on and to run.  She is fast! She has made friends already with two dogs. :-).
Merry Christmas we just love our Angel and she is such a fun and loving dog... we chose well..
Thank you again.
Keith - West Orange, NJ


#1 Consumer Comment
Satisfied customer of Stirling Collies - in response to the false report

AUTHOR: Denysep - ()
SUBMITTED: Sunday, December 22, 2013
I was extremely surprised to discover a complaint about Stirling Collies; this breeder was recommended to me by both the AKC and The Collie Club of America.
I purchased an eight week old Blue Merle puppy from Stirling eight years ago; his only health issue was an umbilical hernia, which is easily rectified and which Diann advisid me of prior to purchase. He is beautiful, smart, and very gentle.
I have had collies all my life, and have never seen this breed behave in the way described. Once, many years ago, I had a collie rescue who snapped at non- family members out of fear, but he was certainly not naturally vicious. I recall my vet remarking that, were he not inherentlty mild-mannered, the degree of abuse that he had sustained would have likely rendered him untrustworthy as a family pet.
The complainant obviously had a regrettable experience and I feel for his disappointment. However, I think this is likely an isolated incident rather than a pattern, and I believe that, if it becomes necessary, a disinterested third party should investigate thoroughly to see if there might some other genesis of this aberrant behavior.


December 2013

Thanks so much Diane.  Lady is getting lots of love and attention!  She is so very precious!  She is not liking today's cold snap, but then again, I am not either:)
Have a blessed Christmas!
Shari- Oakdale, MN












November 2013

We LOVE our Montana "fluffy"! He is a great boy and friend to everyone and every animal. He has been a huge blessing in the recovery of the loss of Felix.
He is one of the family.
Thank you.
Jami - Austin, TX


October 2013

 You will never know what a blessing Jayden has been. He is the smartest dog we have ever had. He listens to what you say and then responds correctly. If I ask him to wake up Jim he will run upstairs and pounce in the middle of him.He waits for me on the landing when I tell him it's time for bed, and will get his collar from his drawer when I ask him if he wants to go to the park. He cuddles with me and romps with Jim. He does very well with other dogs, and he is beautiful!

Briody - Texas

#2 General comment - against the false report - Defending Stirling Collies

AUTHOR: Mswindsor - ()
SUBMITTED: Saturday, August 24, 2013
I have a beautiful collie named Windsor that I purchased from Sterling Collies. After reading the complaint against Sterling, I felt compelled to respond.
My experience with Sterling was nothing but positive. I purchased my beautiful laddie in the summer of 2008. I cooresponded with the breeder for months in advance of having the puppy we had chosen delivered to us. To say that this dog is the joy of my life is an understatement. While I am sure that not every dog is exactly the same, I cannot believe that any puppy from this breeder would behave in the manner discribed, unless "someone" had done something to the dog.
The dogs at Sterling are well-breed and cared for. I have had lay-people and professional breeders, vets, and trainers compliment the breeder of my dog. He is an extrodinary example of a properly bred collie. He is my protector, companion and best friend. I cannot image life without him. It is obvious to me, that who ever these people are who complained about their dog, are the culprits in this case. It seems to me that they were not willing to put the time in with their dog that a puppy requires.
For the first few months that I owned my dog, he came everywhere with me. It takes a lot of committment to the animal. They are no different than human babies in the amount of care they require in the beginning. Collies are very devoted dogs. To have a collie exhibit the kind of behavior discribed, something terrible must have happened in that household.
The owners of Sterling Collies are very devote Christian people. Maybe that was off-putting to the California couple.
My heart breaks for the dog more than anything. I hope a proper home was found and that the dog was not killed by the owners.







August 2013

Hello Diane,

He is an amazingly good puppy with a sweet personality.  Also, he is already trained to go to the bathroom outdoors.  Wow!  We are so pleased with him!!!!


Fran M. - Spring, TX









July 2013

Hi - just wanted to let you know that Caesar is doing great and has grown into a beautiful boy!!!  He is about 53 lbs.  People who see him say he looks like Lassie.  He enjoys our hikes and times up at our cabin.  He goes into the water after the goldens and is close to going in all the way.  Our other collie only went up to her stomach.  He is very smart and learns directives quickly - loves the treats!!! Hope you enjoy the pictures of Caesar.  Kim and Robbie

Sable/Black Shollie - collie/shepherd mix
Tri Shollie - collie/shepherd mix
Tri Collie - gorgeous!
Stirling collie guarding her chicken
Blue Merle Shollie - Collie/Shepherd mix
stirlingcollies Sable/White Collie

May 2013

Takoda is still a most awesome collie, he is spending the summer on the Big Hole River where we have our fifth wheel set up for the season.  I am currently in Phoenix on a fire assignment until June 10th. I so miss my "boyz" when I take these work assignments.  He is turning into a gorgeous young man, and his personality is incredible.  I want to clone him.Thanks for providing such awesome dogs!

J. Woods - Montana


Dec 2012













This is Lane, Jami's husband.  We wanted to let you know that we lost Felix (the collie/shepherd mix).  It was a completely devestating tradgedy.  We were visiting a farm over thanksgiving and Felix crossed a road and got hit by a large truck (one of those split second accidents).  We are just now able to think a little more clearly.  It deeply impacted us as the loss was so unexpected and left a deep void in our hearts and home.  I tell you this not for sympathy sake, but more to let you know how much we loved him and how great a fit he was.  He was an exceptional dog with a great personality.  We loved his size, his coat, his personality, his loyalty, his natural obedience, etc...  We were so looking forward to a lifetime with him.  He is the type of dog that can never be replaced, but only celebrated.Jami was hoping you might be interested in posting a picture of him on your site somewhere, a couple are attached.We are now trying to move forward and think ahead. We love having a collie and are want to get another one eventually.  Life just isn't the same without our furry friend around.

Lane and Jami Fisher- Texas


November 2012










These six collies live in Butte, Montana, with their VERY lucky humans. They hike, cross country ski, camp, travel and snowshoe, never fight, and always enjoy every minute of our adventures in the fantastic mountains of Montana.  The three in front, Tri – Zeuss, White/Merle – Takoda, and Tri – Diesel were purchased from Stirling Collies in March of 2012, they are now 11 months old.  The Blue Merle on the left is Blue (Age 7), the tri in the middle is Atiya (Age 3), half sister to Blue and the Blue Merle on the right is Steeler (Age 6).  He is an off spring of Blue.  Blue is a certified Therapy Dog, and volunteers in the community at the rehab center.  He is my sixth collie.  Takoda (which means “friend with everyone” in Sioux) is my 7th collie.  He will be certified as a Therapy Dog, hopefully next month.   I wouldn’t have another breed, so easy to train, socialize, and the best companions in the world.  We are blessed with our collie family and friends. The other collies belong to friends of mine here in Butte, they all had different breeds of dogs before being introduced to my collies, and quickly obtained collies as soon as they could.None of us would hesitate to purchase another collie from Diane, incredible breeder, with awesome pups.   I Highly recommend Stirling Collies with no reservation!Jackie Woods - Butte, MontanaButte, MT  ColliesThe puppies are Zeuss Takoda and Diesel in the front, and in the back are My Blue, Atiya, and Steeler.  They absolutely love our snow hikes and all get along incredibly well.  They all give us so much joy.


#3 Consumer Comment - against the false report

Stirling Collies excellent. Satisfied customerAUTHOR: Jennie - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Some years ago, I'd have to look up my dog's papers to know when, we bought a collie pup from Diane and Rik Stirling. Despite the fact that we bought the dog shortly after their daughter's birth and the fact that their daughter was in the hospital at the time, Diane communicated clearly and supplied everything we asked for. We drove across country to pick our dog up at their house. Diane and Rik were there when we arrived. They communicated clearly with us all the way across country. They supplied everything we ordered from them. Our dog has been perfect. She is everything a collie dog should be. Good tempered, honest hearted, safe for our kids. My children were from toddler to 7 yr old when we got our dog, we had no issues with her. Ever. She is about 8 yrs old now and she has had no health issues and no temperament issues. Our experience with Stirling Collies was nothing but great. If I was to buy another collie I would buy another from the Stirlings in a heartbeat.









July 2012






Hi! Thought you might like to see beautiful Sophie who is one year old tomorrow.  She is such a sweetie.  Thank you for her-----she is the best birthday present I ever had.Mary - MN


June 2012

Hi Diane,I was just appreciating Felix a little extra today and wanted to send you a couple of pictures that I took from my phone.He is such a HUGE blessing to our family; he has the best personality and his temperament fits us perfectly.  We have had to travel a lot this summer and we've taken him with us.... he does fantastic. He's super obedient and adjusts real well. He is our family.We love him. Thanks for such a great treasure.  Hope all is well with you and yours.Jami Fisher - Texas


#4 Consumer Comment - against the false ripoff reportMy experience with Stirling Collies/ DianeAUTHOR: Summer - (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wonderful breeder and Puppy!!Laddie is very loving, well rounded, smart little guy. I bought a beautiful 8-week old sable and white collie from Diann. She helped me though the shipping and mead sure he had every thing he could need when I picked him up! I cried when I got him out at the airport, when I did get him in my arms he nuzzled my neck and wined a little, then he was all happy! I couldn't be happier with my new baby and will definitely buy another puppy from Diann again. I got my Laddie on 5-12-12.I rise poms so I KNOW what a breeder goes though to rise a happy & healthy puppy!


April 2012

Hi Diane,

Murray has been a wonderful blessing. He is everything I thought a collie would be and more. He is developing a beautiful coat with multiple shades of sable and dark brown to black accents.  But the best of Murray is his personality. He is confident and curious. Never dull, he has just the right amount of sassiness which is buffered by his respect for me and everyone he comes in contact with.

Thanks much,

B. Larsen - Waterloo, IA


April 2012


A quick update on our wonderful amazing  boy!Chuck contacted some type of an infection, and I put him  in the hospital on Thursday nite, with 104.4 temperature.  They put him on  antibiotics via IV and we caught it in time, and he will be going home if where wondering what I told you that  for..............I asked the hospital if I could bring a "therapy" dog in  training, puppy to his room, and they said YES.  He is providing therapy  for all the staff as well as Chuck.He just seems to know what is the right behavior  wherever we go.  He is laying at my feet, has barked a few times at strange  noises in the hall, but other than that everyone is absolutely amazed at how  well trained and well mannered he is for 3 1/2 months!  We are so VERY  proud.I constantly get asked who trains my dogs, and I just  say we do, but it's the collie breed, they are easy to train.So I know I have said this before, but Thank you for  creating such amazing companions for people.  The impact Takoda will have  on everyone he meets will be far reaching!!!  I so look forward to my  retirement in a few years, so I can get another puppy from you to continue my  volunteer/therapy work.Chuck and Jackie Woods


April 2012


Stool eating was solved with a spoonful of canned pumpkin in their dishes at every meal. Worked great and it is natural which I love. Yes, they ADORE each other a lot!! They have been good for each other. Lacie was outgoing from the start and it helped Misty lose her shyness. Misty was strong and big, and playing with Misty has made one strong little pup out of Lacie. She gives as good as she gets to Misty. �� The pups have fit into our animal family so nicely. We love them so much and at least once a day my husband will comment on what cute faces they have. I will keep you updated with pictures when I can get them to stay still long enough to snap a few from time to time.Cindy - Minnesota


March 2012

Hello Diane,My new baby is doing great, I named her Holly AKA Holly Collie. I love her so so much. When I first saw her at the airport and took her out of her crate she was shaking and I was so excited to see her, I was crying. She looked up at me, licked the tears off my face and put her head on my shoulder and stopped shaking. She gets along great with my other 2 dogs, Ruby a 5 year old Boston Terrier and Odie a 3 year puggle. They all have fun playing in the yard. Holly has already grown bigger than Ruby and Odie. She was 16.8 pounds last week.  She adjusted very well to her crate and sleeps through the night and usually sleeps until 6 and it works out perfect, because that is when I get up for work, although this morning she slept until 7:3 and I was a little late for work.She has quite an active life already. On Saturday mornings we go with Kathy, Brian and their Collies and have fun playing in the woods. She is in puppy kindergarten, and has already learned sit, down, stand, leave it, with me, and more.  There is a 4 month old Husky puppy in our class and she loves to play with him the most. Odie has tracking class and my niece, Brianna comes with us and takes Holly on walks and plays with her while we are in the class. I have brought her into work to visit a few times, she comes with me to the bank and has met tons of people already.I have been feeding the Life’s Abundance food and the NuVet supplements and have doing the same with my other dogs.  Within just a few weeks Ruby’s coat is a so shinny and richer in color, and Odie’s coat is much softer. They all love the food and when I give them the supplements, they all sit and wait for them, it is so cute. Ruby also has several allergies and would get hives every other day and now she has not had any hives in weeks!!!!I also wanted to tell you how much I absolutely love the CD and have not listened to anything else since I got it.  During Lent, I usually give up listening to music in the car unless it is a new Christian Music CD, and I had not had a chance to get one, so yours is perfect.  It was so funny the first time when I played it, Holly kept looking at the speaker and tilting her head trying to figure out where you were.  One of my best friends is a pastor and I told her about you and how awesome it is to get my baby from someone with such a strong faith.  She is trying to talk her husband into getting a puppy from you and I told her to tell him that the puppy comes with her own Christian music sound track!!May God Bless you and your Family,Ronaele  - MA


March 2012

We purchased our Sadie from you in 2005 and have really enjoyed her. We recently lost her older friend/companion, and have been debating getting a replacement for our cherished Cassie.  I check your website on occasion and was surprised to see that you currently have puppies with as Sadie's dam, Poppy, and we think that breed combination has been great for temperament, etc.  We would like to request that you set aside the Tri #2 puppy for us. She appears to have more of the sable and white markings that we like. We were very sorry to hear that Willow was taken from you, who was Sadie's Sire.Please remind me of the details of the transaction, etc.Thank you,D. Velasquez - Minnesota


February 2012

Hi, thought I would let you know that the dog that I put on lifes Abundance finished at the January shows with 4 majors.  He was shown only from the Bred By Class so he has also gotten a invitation to Eukanuba nationals.  I need to get some more food, and would like to put a few more bitches on it. Thanks, Miki


February 2012

Hello, this is Dannyalle. I saw some pictures of some collie/shepherds from your litters grown up, so here's ours (: this is Astro, he'll be 4yrs in April and he's the best dog I've had. He's very sweet, loving, and friendly. He's a very happy dog. His shedding is AWFUL though, we call his clumps of fur laying around "little puppies. And I hope you keep breeding this mix. The puppies come out, from my experience, beautiful and all around great dogs. I want to thank you for him. He is very important to me and I couldn't ask for a better dog.  Dannyalle B.


October 2011

I just had to say how much I liked looking at the pictures of your beautiful dogs. When I came upon the picture of Keyara, I started to cry. I had a collie shepherd mix for 16 years. Her name was Jake and I miss her so much. She'll be gone for 4 years this coming Dec 20. I also wanted to include how much I love all of the Bible verses on your site. They are so uplifting and do revive the spirit when it's hurting as I was this morning.  I thank God that He gave His word for comfort and knowledge. I also thank Him for giving us so many beautiful animals to love and give us joy in return.Thank you for bringing me a blessing this morning because I sure needed it. Anne-Louise


 September 2011







Hi Diane.  Here are some updated photos of Jacob.  He was from your January 28, 2011 litter.  We are the people that live in Wisconsin.  Anyway, Jacob is a true sweetie pie.  He was just fixed on Tuesday and microchipped.   He is 7 months old now.  We just love him.  He is everything that I wanted a puppy to be.  Of course I had to work with him.  At first he was a little sassy, but that is because he was a puppy and he needed some training.  He loves to go to the dog park, and has lots of dog park friends.  He loves our dogs at home, which are Akitas and they taught him how to play with and respect other dogs.  He goes to the hardware store with me every weekend and everyone loves him.   He is so friendly and has such a good temperament.  I really love him…  He is 75 pounds and is a big lap dog, as you can see he is sitting on my Mom’s lap at the dog park.  He loves to cuddle.

C. Robbins - Wisconsin


September 2011

My trainer was telling me that there are a couple other certifications that Molly can go for while we are waiting for her to turn one year so that she can be therapy certified.  He says that Molly is the smartest dog he works with out of all of his classes right now (he has 5 in progress at the moment).  Wow!  She really is very smart!  Thank you so much!Pam - Colorado

stirlingcollies - Shollie
Stirling Collie prancing in the leaves
Blue Merle Shollie - Felix
Stirlingcollies - Blue Merle/White Collie
Stirling Collies in the woods and snow

August 2011







"I just wanted to let you know Toby passed his CGC and is doing great as a service dog. They came out from Mass Commission for the Blind and evaluated brian's dogs Dusty and Toby and could not believe that Toby was so young and doing such an awesome job guiding brian and hilding him up so he can walk. Thank you so much for such a beautiful dog. he is So much like the first Toby its like he IS the first one reincarnated."

Kathy High - MA


August 2011












Hi Diane..
Here is the cover of the magazine that will be out in about a month---featuring Logan and a friends new colt.
Lora - Iowa


July 2011

Hi Diane:
Just wanted to keep you updated on Rollie - he is doing swell and is a sweet and gentle dog. VERY curious and energetic which is just what I wanted. Loves swimming in the ocean, playing with our older dog. He goes for hikes and stays right with us, does not run off when left on his own, and responds very well to training.
Real training starts tomorrow and looking forward to it. He is a natural.
Great dog all around - thank you.
F. Cahn - Maine


July 2011

Dear Diane,  I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful puppy that I bought from you.  She is a tricolor, rough.  She is just growing so beautifully.  Her eyes are great and her new coat is coming in all glossy.  She is a sheer delight and people swoon every time they see her.  She has good energy and I am so happy to have her.  Thank you so much.  I will recommend your collies at any time. 

V. Peterson - MA


July 2011








Hi Diane,
Thought I would send you a picture that I took of Brandon (HollyXLaddie Nov 2010) last night.  He loves to hang out with me on the deck.  I cant tell you how much we all love him and what a wonderful dog he is.  One of his favorite things to do is go garden with me.  I dont have to use a leash with him, he stays right with me.  He is so beautiful and everybody says what a gorgeous dog he is.  I hope you enjoy the picture!  I have a whole album, but I thought this showed his coat well.   His nicknames are Bandon and Fluff Boy!  Thanks again for my wonderful boy.
K Chaddick - Illinois

July 2011

Hi Diane,
He is a such a good Boy!!
I'm sure this is no surprise to you how smart he is, wow...for a long time now he sits, plays fetch and brings anything right back to you, he shakes, he lays down when you ask, he gets up when you say "up".  He lets go when you ask him too, we are working on the come, he looks at you and continues doing his own thing, I think with age he will get better with that, he has a mind of his own in that  We are also working on roll over, but he is wonderful with the leash too.  He is the best watch dog, when anyone is around he barks like crazy, its perfect out here in the country, the pool guy was here and I didn't know it and Caruso was barking like crazy!!  When your here during the day alone its very comforting.
He still loves hanging out with my horse and is now getting along with the outside cats, I keep them separated but he likes to eat next to the sliding glass door with the cats when they are eating, its pretty funny.
Last month my parents, Nicholas and I took a puppy training class in Carmel so we were all on the same page working with him and that was awesome.
Take care and I will continue to keep you updated with pictures,
Laura - California


May 2011 

Hi Diane,
I wanted to tell you thank you for all the "goodies" you sent.  We appreciate them and our little one likes them a lot.  We haven't listened to the CD yet but we have a long car trip coming up and I think we will save it for that.  She's doing great and has mastered two steps into the house from the patio-well, going up, not down yet.  She's learning lots and she catches on pretty quick-hmmm. . .   do you think she might have some collie in her? 
Happy Mother's Day and thanks again,
Jack and Vicky - Ohio


 May 2011

 Thanks so much for all you did to train Rain and help her grow into such a sweet puppy.  She is so gentle, calm and mellow, so obedient and responsive. It's a joy to have her!
 Here are some pictures from our day today.
 May God continue to bless you all, and fill your family with His presence.  I'm so glad to have met you.  We will see each other again some day!
 With Love,
 Rochelle - Grand Marais, MN


#5 Consumer Comment - against the false report
Stirling Collies is a great collie breeder
AUTHOR: dogtrainer61 - (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Saturday, January 15, 2011
I am a certified dog trainer and currently own 4 dogs.....2 are collies and 1 is a german shepherd/collie. In May of 2009, I was fortunate to get a beautiful tri color female german shepherd/collie whom I named Minks from Stirling Collies. Minks came to me via airplane to RI as I live in MA. When I first took her to the vet, I was told that she came from a great line, was very smart and had an excellent temperment. Minks is now almost 2 and is a certified search and rescue dog who is training to be a service dog for wheelchair, retrieval and guide work for my son James.
When I read the ripoff report, I was quite surprised to see that it was about Stirling Collies as I had a great experience with stirling collies and thought Diane was extremely helpful and went above and beyond making sure that I got the dog I was looking for. She even went so far as to ask me to call her when Minks arrived at the airport showing how much she cared about her puppies. I have been in contact with Diane on several occasions since getting Minks and to me is a caring and responsible person who truly cares about her collies and their puppies.
When I inquired about collies to other breeders when looking for a specific collie for my blind client, I mentioned Stirling Collies and was told by at least 2 breeders that Stirling Collies had beautiful collies and one breeder in Georgia even told me she wished her collies could be as beautiful as Diane and Rik Stirling's collies. It turned out that I got 2 collies not from Diane but only because 1 was a rescue from a family member of mine and the other was from a breeder in Maine to whom I could drive and therefore pick the one I wanted. The one I got from Maine however did have medical issues at birth so I had to incur vet bills from the getgo. In addition after registering the dog, I was notified by the AKC that my dog was NOT a full collie and therefore could not be registered as such. The dog I got from Stirling Collies was healthy and well socialized and is an extremely well balanced dog and Diane and Rik Stirling sent me the dog that I wanted and all the pedigree information and did not lie or make any false statements about my dog. She is a great dog and the Stirlings are great breeders!!!!
I thank Diane and Rik Stirling with all my heart for selling me such a smart and wonderful dog and when the time comes to get another collie mix or full collie I will definately buy from them again!!!!!!
I hope that other people getting collies will strongly consider Stirling Collies. In my opinion this ripoff report was by someone with no experience with dogs who had no business getting a collie in the first place. Thank you again Diane and Rik and keep on breeding such wonderful dogs!


January 2011

Hey Diane,
I hope your daughter is doing better !!! And I pray that the surgery went well !!!! I know that was a very scary time for your family and even though sometimes it is hard for us ,we must remember ..that..  God is Good......All the Time !!!!!
I continue to pray for Sarah and your family !! You and your family have such a strong faith that I want you to know that through the emails and common love for collies you have made my walk with God stronger! I thank God for you and what you do and how many lives you are able to touch!!!  
I  have just made a payment in full for " Brodi " through paypals !!!  (2nd collie from Stirling Collies).  We are sooooooo excitied !!!  My son is counting down the days for it to be "two boys aganist two girls" ( I am not in that) Gabrielle and Sophia aganist Landon and Brodi !!! Ha Ha Ha !  So it is "Brodi" Brodi Boy Buckner for sure !!!
Sophia continues to bless us everyday! She is WONDERFUL!!!!  She is the smartest dog I have EVER HAD !!!!!!
So I will talk to you soon.
With love,
Kari Buckner - SC


December 2010

Dear Diane and family,
I just wanted to thank you for our Sara. She has passed her TDI test not once but twice. Phil took her to Animal Friends on November 21, because
I was sick in the hospital. Then he took Sara and I to Torentum PA, and she and I passed the test again. ( Therapy Dogs International).
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Caroline, Phil, Lovey, Sara, and
our feline kids, Ashley, Hope, Oreo, and Kally - PA


November 2010
Dear Diane,
People stop us on the street when we are walking just to tell me what a gorgeous dog he is. Then they just stand and gaze at him. He is also a very loyal companion and has bonded with every member of the family. He loves to play chase with Isaac who is 16 and Jenna, 14, runs him through his basic commands everyday. His favorite game is "Run, Run, Run". I say the words and he takes off running as fast as he can around the yard or the park. He is even more beautiful at a full run.
Thanks for doing the work you do to breed such great dogs.
Michele - Lake Elmo, MN


#6 Consumer Comment - against the false report
My experience with Stirling Collies
AUTHOR: Amber L. - (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Tuesday, November 16, 2010
I was very disappointed to see this report concerning Stirling Collies. Considering my past experience with Diane Stirling, I believe this statement is false and malicious. I first talked to Diane four years ago about getting a collie. We could not do it at the time, but she took so much time on the phone, telling me about her dogs, and as we were just getting introduced to the breed, she was very helpful and kind. I talked to her at different times for several years, and each time, she was always considerate and continued to give me the information we needed. I bought my first collie in October 2009, from a friend of Diane's, whom she had recommended because she did not have what I needed at the time. This collie is my favorite dog I have ever had (and I have had many); she is smart, gentle, great with my boys (ages 1,2,4,5, and 7), and protective. She did not get along very well with my rat terrier, so I separated them and eventually gave my rat terrier to a family member who wanted her. If dogs do not get along, you separate them, which it seems that John and his wife did not do. In January 2010, I bought a male collie from Stirling. Again, Diane was kind and helpful. I, like John and his wife, live in California, and the dog was shipped to me. He is absolutely beautiful and obviously from great bloodlines. He is extremely intelligent and has completely taken care of my problem with racoons and skunks eating my chickens. I could not be more pleased with my purchase, and considering the prices of collies in California, Diane's prices are very reasonable and fair. I am so thankful for Diane and all the information she has given me over the years. Just recently, I called her with a question about my collie's ear, and again, she gave me quick and helpful advice that completely took care of my problem. She is to me, a perfect example of what a dog breeder should be, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a collie.
Respond to this report!


October 2010

Hello Diane,
How are you all doing? I hope very well !!! It has been a while since you and I have spoke and I just wanted to give you an update on Sophia.
I am so sorry that I have not sent pictures as I have told you in the past I have a hard time with computers.  I guess that was not a gift that the Lord felt like I needed however he gave me many other gifts. As he also gave you many one of which is being able to touch so many peoples lives through your collies. I am SO thankful for that!!!
Sophia has been heaven sent to our family!!! She is the sweetest dog we have EVER had.  My children adore her.
Sophia has truly brought our family closer!! She is so smart it is truly unreal just how much she understands. She will not go to bed until I do. If I get up to walk to another room in the house she follows and she will sit there until I am done doing whatever it is that I am doing. She wakes the children every morning with a big huge kiss and they love it. She tuckes them in every night with me and she loves to sit and listen to our nine yr old son read. Landon (my son) gets so excitied because he says she smiles at him when he is done with the story.
She was by far the EASIEST dog to house break  3 weeks and we were done. Never in history have I ever been able to say that. She has learned so many tricks ! She can sit, speak, shake with both left or right paw, sit pretty, fetch and so much more. Some of her best friends are our cats. They love to lay together all curled up to one another and sun bath. It is the cutest thing you have ever seen.
Now I must say that I think she is the most Beautiful collie I have ever seen. Her " mane" is starting to fill in very nice. She is tall and big and her markings are perfect .  Her tail is like a big fluffy pillow. She is perfect!!!!!!!
We could not be any happier even if we hand picked each detail of her ourselves.
I found a "review" online some weeks ago from a lady who purchased a puppy from you, and I was floored. The things that she had "clamed" were hard to believe after what we have experienced with our baby girl " Sophia" and with your company. I would challenge anyone who was considering buying from you all, and was unsure about you guys, they are MORE than welcome to contact us and I will be glad to set them striaght!!!!

We are trying to figure out when and how we are going to get another collie from you guys.  We are extremely pleased with the entire process!!!!! And more so with or new addition..Sophia, whom by the way is very much a bed hog!!!Thank you for doing what you all are doing I know it is alot of hard work and time. But just know that It has not been for nothing. Sophia has brought our famiy closer !!So I will always be sincerely greatful !!!!  I always check to see the new puppies , my son wants a male collie so I pray that in the near future we will be abble to call you for another addition!!!!May God continue to bless you and be with you !!!Sincerely,Kari Buckner and Family - SC

stirlingcollies -  Merle/White Collie
stirlingcollies -  Shepherd MIx and AKC Collie
stirlingcollies - and Colt in love

August 2010

Hello Diane~

Zeb is doing so wonderful!  I can truly say that I've never had such an intelligent puppy...ever.  And I've had many over the years.
We took him to another art fest last weekend called "Art On The Rocks".
While we were walking around, a lady with a Blue Merle Collie comes up to us & really made over him.  She recently had to put down her tri color female of 14 years & is still very much mourning her.  She told me that she decided she would never get another dog unless she saw a tri color Collie & it was like Zeb was this "sign" for her.
She got very teary eyed while we visited & Zeb was so still and gentle for her while she loved on him.  It was God's love coming through him to comfort that lady.
I gave her your name & web site.  I would be shocked if you didn't eventually hear from her.
One other neat of the artists there called out to us when we were walking by.  She's shouts, "Whoa!!!  Step no further!!"  lol!
Then she came over asking questions about him while she was loving him.  She told us that there's something special about our puppy, that his eyes are so gentle & loving.
She asked his name & when I told her with the meaning of it (Gift from God), she started to cry too.  After we visited with her for a bit, she asked us to bring him back next year for her to see him and his growth & ended with a comment about Zeb being very healing to her.
I wanted to share this stuff with you.  Jim & I thought that all was so God, how He uses this pup to show His gentle love to people and brings healing to hearts.
My friend, I want you to know that there's definitely an anointing on you of God's love that's actually  "tranferred" to your puppies and the Lord uses that for others big time.  What a very cool & unique ministry you have!
His love & blessings to you all there,
Laura~ Skandia, MI

P.S...Forgot to tell you that we love your CD!!  Thank you!


June 2010














Hi Diane:
Just wanted to update you on Logan.  He is doing great--though he does spend a lot of time in the a/c during these hot days!!  We take him for runs on the 4-wheeler or he goes when I ride horses--but we do that early or late when its not so very humid and hot!  He's a great dog.  He is almost a year old now---here is his most recent portrait. (He had jumped into the flower bed where I was pulling weeds to see if he could help--which he proceeded to do--scratching out weeds with his claws.)  He loves to steal items from my horse grooming bucket--only to drop them when I see him do it and sternly say  'Mine."
I tell everyone that says how beautiful he is how great your dogs are-----Thanks so much for raising such high quality pups.  We are very pleased with him.
Lora- Iowa


April 2010

Hi Diane, I have purchased 2 collies from you and we are now looking for our third.  We can't get enough, and your puppies have the best of everything that we love.  I am looking for a Blue Merle this time. I hope that you can help me again...  Jennifer - Saugus, CA


April 2010

Hello Diane!  I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner - school and a new puppy has been crazy the past couple weeks.
I am happy to say that Marley is doing very well.  We have been to the vet and are now in puppy training classes.  He is very smart.  The trainer said he's never trained a puppy so fast.  We have been on walks, we've been around children, we've signed up for puppy day care so he can play while I'm at school a couple days a week.  My parents love him too.  They can't wait for us to come home every weekend.  He sleeps very well, he doesn't make a peep at night.  He's learned to sit, he's learned go potty.  We are working on laying down and 'leave it'.  He is a confident, smart young pup.  He's up to 12 lbs!
Thank you very much for allowing me to take in one of your pups, he has brought joy and happiness to me and my family.  I will always take the best care of him.  God bless you and yours! :)
Jennifer- Westby, WI


April 2010
Hi Diane, We had no idea Tino would turn out to be a Star!  He is such a GREAT dog!  Tino did a commercial, and its been on TV for the last 2 weeks.  Go to,look up "JG Wentworth get help girl" and their he is, our Tino.  He has also been in a magazine and another commercial.  He is always by my side, and waits by the front door for me to come home every night.  My 2 Collies are healthy,happy and loved.  I hope everything is good with you and your family. 

May God bless and keep you safe!  -  J Gilmet - Arizona


March 2010

Hi, I just wanted you to know Lassie is doing great. She's such a good puppy! She hasn't made one potty mistake in the house yet. She loves the kids and the kids love her!  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Puppy;)  Christine - Newark, NJ

stirlingcollies - Beautiful Collie - Logan

October 2009








Hi Diane,
It's Kate Harker, I bought a puppy from Jo at Great Expectations last fall...I just wanted to write and say "hi" and share my news...I am HOPEFULLY expecting my first litter of puppies right around Christmas Eve. I could not be more excited! Dandy looks SO MUCH like his dad Simba and he is a wonderful dog. He competed in a herding trial this summer and got his "pre trial" AKC herding title. He did so great! I had our herding teacher handle him because I think I would have been too nervous! :)  Anyway he and Stormy have tied three times in the past few days so I am hopeful that we will get some puppies. Storm is over three years old now so I didn't want to wait too much longer!
Thanks for breeding such beautiful, healthy, and loving dogs Diane. Dandy is such a lover. He could not have a sweeter temperament!
Sincerely, Kate- Washington

p.s. Today I found a few pictures of Dandy on the internet from the herding trial...I'll attach them!


September 2009

Hello Diane ~ The dog show in Sept. was a success!  KoKo Rose was shown in 3 classes, obedience, rally & agility and received purple ribbons in each class!!!  Tehya was shown in 4 classes, showmanship, rally & agility all purple ribbons and a perfect score in agility! She received a blue in obedience. 

KoKo Rose (Tri) & Tehya our other collie (sable&white), both competed at our granddaughters county 4-H dog show this past July.  Tehya has been shown for 5 years.  She knows all her commands off leash.  Tehya did outstanding, with 1 grand champion and 3 reserve grand champions.  KoKo Rose was shown in 3 classes, obedience, rally & agility and received purple ribbons in each class, we celebrated KoKo's 2nd birthday the day of the dog show, the best part was our grandson Lane who is 6 yrs. old and technically not old enough to compete against his sister, you need to be 8yrs old, but showed KoKo Rose as a cloverbud in 2 classes obedience and showmanship and they received 2 purple ribbons!  She listened to him and did everything he asked her to do! We were so proud of them all, it was a great day! KoKo has the best personality I have ever seen in a collie, I have owned at least one continuously for the last 23 years. This past January we lost our 13 yr. old collie Taffy, there is no better breed for children!!  I hope I mentioned on the wish list that we want a blue merle female for our next collie, since we have a tri and a sable/white already…

Thank you again!  Kathy - Minnesota


September 2009

Hello Diane,

I wanted to tell you .... I had ordered wet (canned) cat food (Life's Abundance) for my one cat who has been having a lot of issues with his large intestine.  He has had diarrhea and blood in his stool for months and nothing we did made him better.  He had a colonoscopy and they found that his large intestine was inflamed.  I had put him on all natural food, etc., he was on anti inflammatory meds, steroids.  It would seem to go away for awhile and then start up again, so we'd try another food, etc.  He usually goes right outside the litter box, or in a bathroom.  He has no problem urinating in the box, but he never went in to go #2.  He'd go down to the litter box from upstairs and wouldn't go in the box, just outside it .... needless to say, constant cleaning and disinfecting.
Anyway, He's been on the wet (canned) cat food for two weeks, and already, I can honestly say, his stool is becoming solid with very little trace of blood, and 95% of the time HE'S GOING IN THE BOX!!!!  He just turned 15 and you have no idea how happy I am!!!!!
Sammy (our dog) has now almost completely changed over to the Life Abundance dry dog food .... and the cats are almost completely on the dry as well. 

Thank you so much .... we've honestly been trying to get Gizmo (our cat) better for almost eight months!!!!  No testing, bloodwork, food changes, anything was helping until now!!!!
Anyway, hope all is well with you all there and I will talk with you soon!
Tina - Horsham, PA


August 2009

Hi Diane,

I just wanted to update you on Minks who is developing into a beautiful little girl.  She loves James so much and walks him to the bus daily right beside the wheelchair.  When he comes home, she is there giving him lots of love and kisses. She has even gotten up on her two feet and pushed the wheelchair from the doorway into the living room and into James room which is really funny to see.  She is loving fetch and learning to bring the dirty laundry to the wash as well as take the clean laundry from the dryer.  She is  bringing items sporatically so we need to work on that one.  Minks loves Zody and the two of them play often with Zody playing surrogate dad scolding her when she gets too rough.  Minks loves Brian so much and is always there to listen to him, not as much to me but it is probably the fact that she knows Brian like James has disabilities and she knows that she should take care of them both.  She was spayed this past week and was supposed to rest but after two days of that was back doing her thing taking care of  both Brian and James.  Brian is not sure that Brody is going to work out as a guide dog for him as he does do his job but he does it when and where he wants so Brian and/.or I may be contacting you when Ebony has another litter as he is thinking seriously about getting a pup to train for himself to work for him as Minks is training for James.  Minks went out yesterday for a walk with Brian and he was guided by Minks and she did a pretty good job considering that she has never done it before.  She stayed on the sidewalk, avoided potholes and sewer grates and stayed guiding him on the right so they were both safe.  It is such a joy to add Minks to our family and I thank you so much for her.  My computer died so I lost pictures but will send them to you when I can. She is a great mix of collie and shepherd...some days she acts like a collie while others a shepherd and still others with the mix. 

Thanks a lot and God bless you and yours! 

Kathy - Milford, MA


August 2009

First, it must be explained that we were not asked to post this rebuttal. We have not talked with the Stirlings since yesterday when we left their home. We typed in Stirling Collies on our search engine to find Rik Stirling's sound studio information for our musician son. We stumbled across this Ripoff posting and we were appalled at the comments made by the man in CA. Our hearts ached when we read how this puppy was mistreated, and we hope it finally went to a new home.
Yesterday, my wife and I and my adult daughter and son-in-law just finished traveling to central MN from just North of Chicago and then back home again. The purpose of our trip was to pick up our second and third collie puppies from Stirling breeders. We received our first puppy three years ago. We could not be happier with our collie. There is hardly a day that goes by that we do not get a comment from friends, family and many strangers about how beautiful, intelligent, or smart our collie, Sammy is.
Contrary to the complainant's remarks, we have found the Stirlings to have the highest moral character, and Diane is "extremely" knowledgeable about her trade. When we originally picked up our first collie, and when we picked up the two new puppies, Diane spent a long time giving us information on Collie care. She sent the same contract information with us that she posted on her rebuttal about the MN laws concerning guarantee of the dog's health during the first year. In short, she offers quite a guarantee for the little amount of money she charges! She has received calls from us when we had questions about Sammy and she has always been extremely helpful.
As to the accusation that the Stirlings recommended euthanasia instead of replacement, the complainant obviously does not know anything about the character of the Stirlings. Those of us who know them know that killing a puppy would be the absolute last option if not an option at all, see the above “moral character “comment)!
Our daughter posed a question to Diane Stirling yesterday about how her new puppy might get along with her new Yorkshire Terrier puppy. Diane was very helpful and explained that they may get along fine. She was very helpful about how the two puppies might interact and how to introduce them to each other. Side note: How many 10-week collie puppies are "agressive" to other dogs? In our experience with Collies, we have never found collies to be an aggressive dog! My daughter knows, though, that it is “her In responsibility” to monitor how the dogs are interacting, not the breeder's responsibility!
We absolutely love our new puppies, as we love Sammy, our three-year-old collie. The Stirlings provide high quality, mix and pure bred dogs. We highly recommend the Stirling Breeders to anyone who might be considering a collie for a pet.

Bill and Brenda - Illinois


July 2009
 Hi Diane,
Just an updated picture of our beloved Copper.  This was taken a few weeks ago, but he is still very handsome!  We are enjoying Copper and everyone comments on how beautiful he is!
Also, wanted to let you know I am referring some wonderful people I know to Stirling Sound.
Hope all is well,
Michell and Todd: Proud parents of Copper - Minnesota


July 2009
Dear Diane,
Once in a lifetime you meet someone that seems as if you have known them all your life.  You are one of those people.  Friends come and go, and acquaintances come and go but then there is that Special Person! The FRIEND God gives you!  I wanted to thank you for your time, and investment in Totally Devoted Collies! As a Mentor you have given of yourself, time, knowledge, as well as time away from your family.  You have also, shared your dogs, and blessed us tremendously!
As a friend, you show the Love of Jesus in every word, deed, and concern.  One day you will stand before Him and He will say, “Very good, Diane, you have loved without judgment towards others, guided others with wisdom and were unselfish in helping others!"
I would not TRADE our friendship or Collie business for anyone or anything!
Bless you my friend!
Mary McCoy
Totally Devoted Collies
Nashville, TN


May 2009

(purchased a collie/shepherd mix)

Love the pup - she is definitely a smart dog and very german shepherd in personality!  She has already learned to find leashes, and actually did it on her own and started bringing them back to us.  She picked up the dirty clothes by watching Zody and brought them to the laundry, so I think as far as being a working dog for James, it will not be a difficult thing for her.  It also seems like fun for her!  A few collie traits are coming out too, and it seems like a great mix.  I think she is a lot like Toby was!  Just have to keep up with the housebreaking although she has only had a few accidents and does go potty on cue.  She actually sits, downs and comes front on her own and at 8 weeks old it's pretty amazing.  We have named the pup Minks as in "mixed ink" since her markings are so beautiful and her coat is like a mink coat - so smooth and soft.  It took a bit for me to get used to the name, but she responds well to the name, and the other 3 dogs don't come running as Zody came when I called her Hannah, lol!  Thanks so much for the pup and let Ebony and Prince know their daughter is doing well and responding very quickly and well.  Definitely a VERT SMART DOG!

Take care!

Kathy - MA


May 2009

Diane,Your puppies are so nice! Newsflash: Mistie Blue's puppy, Bingo has won over all of the other puppies, even beat Campion and beat those puppies that were sired by Provenhill's Dance With The Devil, the winner at Westminster last year.  I'm in total amazement, and she is such a wonderful collie!

Laurie -St. Augustine, FL


January 2009

I am writing you today to let you know what a blessing and God-send Daisy is! Yesterday, while at home with a bad cold my youngest Tia got the scare of her life.... Three strange men, had come up to the house, in an old VW bug type van.  She had Daisy inside with her, One man was in the van, another man was out by the animals, and the third man came up to the door and we have a window set in the door.  Tia went to check and see why Rielly was barking like crazy. The way she put it was that he was barking like he wanted to chase something off.  Daisy went with her.  Tia saw the man peeking inside, and so did Daisy.  Daisy sensing the danger to her child , lunged at the window and was growling and showing her teeth. It scared the man off and the man ran to his van... and they all left.  Daisy did not leave Tia's side the rest of the day.... Everything is ok.  Tia called Grandpa, and my dad came back here to our house. All I can say is THANK GOD for collies and how protective they are of there animals and kids...  I never would have thought such a sensitive and loving girl like Daisy, would have such a protective streak in her. Guess we know now...

Heather - MN


March 2008

I can not say enough about her, she is just so loving and gentle, she is constantly checking on the herd and the new baby goats, as well as trying to clean bottoms! She has chosen her human which I am more then honored to report it's ME! In fact if it wasn't for Daisy, I am sure I would not be writing to you today...... You see I have severe bronchitis, which has flared up pretty bad.... last week I was in a bad flare up- I was resting in bed and Daisy was laying down by me. I started to go into an attack, wheezing and coughing, and having a hard time breathing. Daisy got up and went in to the front room, where Mark was. He said she was whining and pacing back and forth between the bedroom and front room... That's when he heard me trying to call for him. I started coughing hard again barely able to get it up, Mark rushed in and started pounding on my back. Daisy came around the bed and leaped up and was watching him, all the while she had her paw on my hip when I took a good deep breath. Mark was still pounding on my back, she then got between us, and put her paw on my back and sat up straight under Marks arm... It was almost as if she was saying enough, Mom is ok you can stop now. Mark was surprised and chuckled at it, because she did that whine/woof, and her attitude was like I am sorry, but you can stop now. She slept with me that night with her head on my hip. She has a new nick name which is the "Nursemaid". There is nothing more true then the love and devotion of a Collie. Daisy has became a part of the family, so quickly that none of us can imagine her not here. Every night she walks with me down to the barn to go do night checks, and she loves hanging out with the herd... She was there for the birth of all the new kids... Hope you have a great day, just had to email you about Daisy girl. (Daisy was one of our adult collies that was recently adopted by their family).

Heather - MN


January 2008

What an absolute angel she is!! My daughter, Jade burst into tears of joy at the sight of her. It was truly a moment that I will never forget, she was just so overcome by emotion that I cried too. She just hugged me and said THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM, I wanted a puppy SO bad! It really was the only time she ever cried like that for something that we gave her. Simply Amazing!!!! Jade named her Dixie, which she is already responding to. She seems very happy here, and has adjusted beautifully. She has only had one accident in the house so far. She really is a great little girl, we couldn't be any happier. I'm afraid Jade wore her out yesterday, (had to take her around the neighborhood to show her off). Dixie slept like a champ all night both nights now. Today, she is bright-eyed and bushy tailed!! She and our cat, Cupcake have struck up a nice friendship, they played together since 6:30 this am, and are both now taking a nice morning nap out here on our porch while I have a cup of coffee and return e-mails. Both are tuckered out! MY dobbie, (also named Princess like Dixies Dam) is not that happy about her just yet, but she will come around just like she did when Cupcake joined us this past summer, now they adore one another.

Jeannette - Tampa FL


Stirling Collie herding the sheep - dandy
Stirling Collie herding the sheep

December 2007

Nessie is a great dog. We are having great fun together. He now will sit and speak on command. Next is shake hands and lie down, and other Assistant Dog International behaviors. He learns very fast. It is amazing that he was potty trained after only one try. He peed and I caught him and out we went. The very next time he gave a very clear and strong indication he wanted to go out. We will keep working on it, but I think its history. He now comes when he is called. He was a little slow at first. He didn't trust me. This morning I was greeted with barks, rumping, play posture, (butt up - front paws on the floor)licking and play biting as I got dressed. The funniest thing is when he is happy he rolls up with his tummy up and smiles showing his teeth, expecting me to rub his chest. I have played music for 67 years and much Christian too.

Larry - Oregon


December 2007

Our pup is doing fantastic, Bailey and Rose love each other. They wrestle, tug-o-war, run, and play chase with one-another all the time. They are doing great. We have decided to name the pup, Rose. Rose has learned five commands and knows how to use the dog doors, and that potty is for outside, not in. She has had one accident in 2 weeks, and that was my fault, the dog door wasn't open for them. The five commands she knows are:"Come," "No," "Leave it," "Sit," and "Shake." Bailey has also helped in training her (the un-desirable trick of) "Bark at the Kitty." She does well in the bath (Its been rainy the last couple of weeks, so of course she comes in covered in mud from head to toe). She enjoys her rawhide chews, her stuffed mouse, and her blanket. Every once in awhile we will catch her walking around dragging the blanket behind her. After bath she snuggles under the blankets with me and falls asleep. Rose is now up to 12lbs and getting bigger. Its amazing at how different Rose is verses Bailey when she was the same age. Bailey had everything in her mouth, including your hands and toes: Rose prefers belly rubs and pets. And of course like all kids, when one has a toy it must be better then their own identical one. Well, just wanted to update you on how everyone was doing.

A.Clements - Idaho


December 2007

Lassie is so adorable and we just love her so much. She did so well on her ride home with us on that snowy day. I held her a lot that first day just because I could! I held her in my lap a lot that evening. I could tell when she was really missing her previous family as she would whimper a little and pant but then she would finally settle down again. She is so smart. She learned to go “outside” right away. She already knows “sit’ and “down”. We are still working on the jumping and biting (normal puppy behavior). She has already learned about the “soft” mouth/bite as I had to yelp a lot in the beginning. She is so friendly that everyone falls in love with her. We started the crate training right away. I was a little worried that she would not get over the separation anxiety at night but by the 5th evening we finally got a good nights sleep. I plan to take her to puppy classes in January and am looking forward to it. She will do well I’m sure. I just sit with her and pet her and say to myself that I can’t believe that I finally have my collie that I have waited so long for. And then I think why did I wait so long? There is a reason for everything and she is the reason. It was meant to be when it was. Jon just loves her too. He is always saying, “I’m so glad we finally have her. She is the cutest thing.” Our boys have never had a puppy in their lives. They took a bit longer to come around but they did. They love her too. Thank you for all of your patience and kindness with us. Thank you for our puppy.

Take care,

Laura & Jon - Minnesota


October 2007

I purchased a pup from you about two years ago (Bailey). I am ready to get another. We have gotten into herding.  She really enjoys working the sheep, and is supper excited when she sees other more experienced dogs working can tell she wants to be out there helping (or right now getting in the way hehe). We just started and she has been in the pens 3 times with sheep. She is a natural, and has no fear. She goes in and moves them off the fences, and will go right in the middle of the flock and separate them. She is also very willing to please. You tell her to back off and it doesn't take much pressure for her to back up and ease off the sheep. She is gorgeous to watch. We have also been camping almost non-stop all summer. She loves the great outdoors. In Idaho, there is almost no such thing as private campgrounds. It is all public land so you pick a pretty spot in the woods and set up camp. This allows for no "dog on leash" rules, so Bailey gets free run of the woods (she stays within eye and voice range, so we don't worry about her getting mixed up with wild critters). Bailey and I will also put on her pack and go hiking in the foot hills. She doesn't even notice the pack is on her, and she loves the off-leash trails. She usually gets about 15 feet ahead then runs back, and on blind corners is good about coming to my side and walking. Since we go to areas that have rattlesnakes we have taken advantage of the hunters rattlesnake avoidance clinics. It teaches dogs to avoid rattle snakes. This was the 2nd year we took Bailey and she remembered almost everything she had learned last year. The trainer was very impressed by her both this year and last. Its amazing how many people here in Idaho have never seen a Collie, we actually had one girl in our neighborhood who didn't even know who Lassie was. Most people that we meet I think are thinking that Shelties and Collies are the same breed because they are always saying, "Wow she's a lot bigger then I thought Collies were?" She's not, she's standard Collie height and weight. And of course they are always amazed at how pretty she is. Needless to say we have had a busy year. Not only have we had camping, hiking, and herding Tyler and I got married in April. I have been checking your website (almost daily) to see if you have any new litters.

Talk to you later

Anna - Idaho


September 2007

We bought a collie from Graceville a few years back, we are Ann and Larry Nowak and we want to tell Kathy how much WE LOVE OUR DOG. Never in my life have I had such an adoring wonderful loving dog as he is. I wish we had 10 of him. He's not only beautiful but exceptionally nice. We feel very blessed to have the honor of this dog in our life. He has two sisters who are German Sheppard's and the German Sheppard puppy just loves him, cries if he is away from her and he lets her take everything away from him without a fight. He just loves her too. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful dog who brings us pleasure every moment in our lives.

Ann Nowak


July 2007

Maggie has grown into a wonderful/beautiful dog who looks just like her mother, Rose. She weighs around 55 pounds and is a loving loyal companion to our family. Our daughter, Kaitlyn, took Maggie as a project for 4-H this year and entered her into the 4-H Dog Show winning a blue ribbon and took Champion in the Bureau County 4-H Dog Show. We were so proud of both! Maggie has also become a wonderful farm dog too earning her keep many times. She has herded escapsed calves back into the pasture on her own herding instinct. (we have not trained her to do this) She has also developed distinctive barks for various things to make us aware of and loves to go mouse hunting. It is fun to watch Maggie and the cats from the kitchen window waiting patiently for that mouse to come jumping out of several of our livestock buildings we have. Maggie proudly brings back her prize and drops in her water bowl to let us know she is working. The "thank you" goes to you for believing in a farm family for providing a good home to one of your puppies. Maggie has been a joy to us especially to our daughter and will continue for many years to come.

Thank you.

Susan Hildebrand - Illinois  


July 2007

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful our pup is! We all love her to pieces :) I am shocked every day by how smart she is! I bring her to work with me every day and all of our customers just love her. She is so friendly and playful and honestly involved in what is going on around her. She is very gentle with children but can be really nippy with adults when she is playing...its getting better every day though. She is potty trained, hasn't had an accident in week. Loves her crate and sleeps right through the night. Gets along great with the cats....though her herding instincts are very intense and the cats can get a bit annoyed at times. She can sit, lay down, roll over, shake and come (when she wants to haha). With the herding instinct that she has, I was wondering if maybe agility work might be a good substitute being I have no sheep :) Its really funny she will squat down on the ground and just watch the cats (or kids) and then she starts working her circle until they are all grouped together.....she never nips...just circles and makes little low barking sounds...not growling though its a different noise...almost sounds like she is purring. I wondered if we put all that energy into some agility if it would be something she might enjoy. I have a friend that has a farm and once she has a few more pounds on her we were going to take her out there and let her run around with two or three of their sheep to see what she will do. She is to little now.... although she has tripled in size sense we got her! She walks pretty well on leash and seems to ALWAYS pick up a stick with in the first 1/2 a block or so and she will carry it in her mouth the whole way until we get home. Jinx (the dark cat that you met) is her best friend, they sleep together and play all the time, Frank the other cat still keeps his distance but doesn’t seem to be afraid of her...just watchful. Curtis is doing wonderful...he has all of his energy back on most days and has been doing better with keeping well. I will keep you in my prayers. Its never an easy thing, Just one day at a time and it will all click into place where it needs to. Just remind yourself that God will not give you anything that you are not strong enough to handle :)

All the best!

Erin and Curt – St Paul, MN


July 2007

Tanus is growing very fast ... up over 40 lbs now. He has been neutered and had a good check up several weeks ago. He is currently dropping baby teeth all over the house so we have been trying to find soft treats that he likes. He has surprised us in that he doesn't seem to care much for most of the "approved" things to chew on like rawhides and hooves. He used to like Nylabones but those are currently out of favor as well. Lately he seems most happy with chewing on plastic water bottles or Gatorade bottles. Of course we have to strip the plastic labels first but after that they are cheap entertainment :-). I found a web site that suggested filling hooves and bones with peanut butter or cream cheese and freezing them. This has worked well along with simply freezing soft treats in ice cubes -- he likes to slurp on the cubes until the treats are exposed and then usually eats the remaining ice as well ... probably helps a bit with his teeth for now. Hopefully this will pass soon as we seem to have a couple of young white cats with pink spots these days (he mouths the year olds when they play and sometimes leaves a bit of blood on them). Tonight we start his second puppy class ... they have an intermediate puppy class between the initial one at 8-10 weeks and before obedience training where they need to be at least 6 months old. By the time this one is over he'll be old enough for obedience training ... we'll see if I have any self esteem left by then :-). Actually, he did OK in the first class but there are days when his attention span is shorter and then he can be difficult. He really seemed to like some of the agility stuff at the end of the first class so hopefully they'll do more of that in this class (if we go back to simple "sits" and "downs", we're gonna be in trouble because he quickly gets bored with it). Otherwise I think it is safe to say he seems like a pretty normal puppy.

Best wishes

Curt and Dawn – Fargo, ND


April 2007

I thought I would let you know what a blessing "Anika" and "Slapshot" have been to us. We had a collie before these two came along, and my youngest sister (4 years old) would hang on him and he would never get angry with her, even if she would pretend he was made of rubber. We were a little concerned about her wanting to do it with the new pups, but they never once got angry with her. They have been the nicest and happiest dogs in the world. They just turned two on April 8th, and are now considered dogs. I was looking back on the past two years and smiling. God has been so faithful to us with them. You and your ministry have really been a testimony of God's love! I am the "dog person" of the family, and you have provided two amazing companions for me. For lack of better words, Thank you!

Blessings,Emily Price


April 2007

I had promised to get back to you about puppy #3 (better known now as "Tilly")...but I've been so busy with her! She is so adorable, fun, playful, sweet, is keeping me busy!  I must confess that her first night home she slept on top of me all night because I didn't have the heart to leave her in her crate because she would cry...I thought she was missing her mom & the other puppies...last night she was better but she prefers NOT to sleep in her crate at night...she enjoys my other dog (Tinkerbell).  She is also enjoying rearranging where things should be...rugs, pillows, toys, and at around 3-4 a.m. wants me to play ball with her. Today she was brave and ventured off to investigate the entire house! She was afraid to leave her comfortable surroundings where her crate was...although she determines which pillow & towel goes inside her crate. She responds to my voice & my husband when he comes home from work... So I think she's happy & I am very happy we have her!!!

Thank You!  Michele - Florida


March 2007

Bailey is doing wonderful. We already taught him to fetch, and sit. He is catching on to potty training slowly but surely. He is the cutest thing in the world and we can't wait to come pick up "Penny". We hope that she is as cute, snuggly, and smart as "Bailey". Thank you for everything and we will be in touch soon. God Bless You,

Linda and Christine - Wisconsin


December 2006

My wife and I bought a male 3/4 mix collie puppy from you. We named him "Seamus", and he has been a joy to work with. He is already up to 17 lbs., and has learned sit, down, fetch, and how to heel on a leash. He potty trained amazingly fast. I couldn't imagine a better first dog for my wife and I. He loves to be around people and other dogs. I can't wait to see what he will look like when he's mature. He's growing everyday, and his already beautiful coat is getting more merle like his father. Thanks again for breeding the mixed collie puppies for family's like ours who can't afford to spend several hundred on the dog, and then more on puppy medical care. He's perfect for us.

Bless you and your family,

Tom & Laurie - Minnesota


June 2006

We bought a puppy from your friend Kathy, at Graceville Collies, and I cannot tell you in words how much we love and adore that dog. His name is Ed. He is the nicest most beautiful dog that ever was. He is so very smart its almost scary. Thank her again and again for a wonderful dog, we would recommend her dogs to anyone.

Warmest regards, hope your daughter turned out well.

Ann and Larry - Wisconsin

Dec. 2005

We love having Darcy. She has a funny personality. She can be quite aloof and independent. Sometimes she lets us cuddle with her but mostly she likes to sit with us without having us pet her. She loves children and is excited to see new people. She gets along well with our terrier. Darcy is 9 months old. She is a great walker and we enjoy walking her on a leash. She is smart and picks up training quickly. We try to spend a lot of time with her. We have no regrets getting her and really love her. She is a gorgeous dog! We are proud of her. Look forward to hearing how you are doing.

Take care and God bless,Denise – Georgia


Dec. 2005

The collies are GREAT. I couldn't be happier. My daughter kept the older of the two because that pup picked HER! She went up to Laurie, who was sitting on the floor, and gave her a huge hug and just stood there with her paws wrapped around Laurie's shoulders. Then, when my grand daughter entered the room, she did the same thing to her. She and the grand baby are inseparable. The child is 4 years old and very tender and gentle with Tabatha (what else could we name Samantha's pup?) Your pup is incredible. She is constantly guarding her favorite horse, Sonny. they follow each other along the fence line and play. Occasionally, she will enter the pasture and they play together so well. She is more Sonny's dog than mine, you would love to see this relationship. I have adopted a retired AKC champion male who will be allowed to sire one litter out of Rhiannan (pup) before I have him neutered. She is the most obedient dog I have ever seen. And I have not taken her to classes or spent any formal time training her. She automatically runs to me and sits in front of me looking up adoringly EVERY time I call her name. What a dog. I love her! She has been in the stall with Jack and I around the clock during his illness. When he lays down, she lays curled up in his neck with her head on his jaw. It is too cute to believe. This pup was a gift from God. I couldn't be happier with her.

Thanks for your prayers and your interest.

Barb – Florida


Nov. 2005

Once again, thank you so very much for your sincere, professional, and meticulous service. A special thanks for your patience for all of my questions! My vet and I talked, and he knows his collie stuff. I know he will do a good job for robby, who, by the way, has settled in nicely, as have I with him. He is everything I wanted in a puppy. My family and friends can't believe what a beauty and love he is! Continue the wonderful job you do.

Sincerely,Suzie - Oregon


Nov. 2005

Sami and I were pretty worn out this morn. She did really well in her crate by the bed last night, it was me that kept waking up every time she moved or sighed. I don't think she slept too much because she was awake every time I looked at her but she certainly never whimpered or cried. She has taken a couple pretty long naps today but what a sweetheart. She has pottied outside every time I've taken her and seems to have caught onto the whole thing with relative ease! She LOVES Nalla and wants to chase her and sniff her and play with her. Nalla is equally fascinated but gets tired of being chased, but if Sami leaves her alone very long, Nalla goes to Sami to see why! It is really quite comical. If I separate them and put Nalla out into the other room, they look at each other through the glass door and cry for each other! I think they are going to be great friends! Eden can't take her eyes off of Samira for a second, she rode to school with us this morn. and we took her to the door to let some of Eden's friends look at her and pet her! She was a big hit!!! She was shaking, all those first graders were probably a bit intimidating but she did great! Today will be her first experience with meeting the school bus, I'll walk her down there and we'll wait together for Eden! I want to train her to do that as she gets older! I told my husband at lunch, she has just blended in so seamlessly that it feels as if she has always been here, she seems so at home and happy! I'd better go for now, I'll e-mail some photo's of her in the next few days, she and Nalla will probably be sleeping together by then!

Take care and have a wonderful day!

God bless!

Lisa - Iowa


Oct. 2005

Dusty is 7 months old now and she is a beautiful dog. She really has changed our lives, she has taught us to take time out to play with her and she keeps us laughing with the little stunts that she does. She wakes us up a 5:30 every morning to feed her and let her out and now that the time has changed she gets us up at 4:30 AM, we hope that she will adjust quickly! She makes us laugh with all the noises she makes when she sleeps. Her grunts, snoring and groans are very vocal and it's hard not to laugh. She has no less then 5 beds though out the house and she uses everyone of them through out the day. She has also taught us to pick up our shoes or at least put them out of her reach. She also loves to pull out the kindling that we us at the fire place and lays in the middle of the great room chewing them into small pieces. The other day we took her to the groomer's, I've never seen a dog so fluffy. Three days later it had rained, we let her out after the rain stopped. When she came to the door wanting in, her nose and legs were covered with mud and she had this look on her face that she really was enjoying it. Needless to say we had to clean her up, so much for the grooming. She doesn't make a very good watch dog, as every stranger that comes into the house she makes friends with. She loves to look out the windows and doors leaving her nose prints all over.

God Bless

Kathy and Don B. - MO


October 2005

He was amazing on the drive home yesterday. He had a 5 hour drive after the long flight. He could not have done better. He loves to be with us, did not mind the harness with leash - will even walk with us - and has managed to communicate his desire to go out and pee. He is interested in everything and I think it will be a pleasure to train him. Will be in touch later. Just wanted you to know he is happy and doing extremely well. (Kitties are not thrilled about him, but McKenzie really wants to get to know them.) May God be with you and your family. May He give you wisdom and peace in this difficult time. Our prayers are with you.


Kristi and Bill - Oregon 


October 2005

Here is the report for the first 48 hrs... Everyone thinks she is absolutely adorable. My 14 year old son is putty in her paws! The ride home was great... She slept on the girls' laps the whole way home and didn't even try to mooch their dinner when we hit a drive through. She cried very little in her crate the first night... She already loves 'her people" and has been sleeping under my computer desk while I work, or in the kitchen by the stove as I cook and clean there. She has started going to the door when she wants out... Smart doggie! She is doing a great job of going potty messes in the house (yet!) She likes to chase and eat leaves outside (she spits them out) and really enjoyed the nice weather today. Her favorite game is to dash into the landscaping, grab a hunk of bark and run around like a looney dog for awhile. If I grab it out of her mouth, the stinker dashes back for another one! She is not eating a ton, but if I sit with her, she will manage enough to keep me happy. I am giving her the Diamond, the water with Karo, and her 1/2 vitamin. She got her first bath today and only jumped out of the tub 4 times.. not bad for a first attempt. She was in her crate for a little under two hours while we went to church, and pooped a little. She was dry overnight. Her poops outside were formed tonight. We don't have a name for her yet, but are working on it... Thanks again for such a great dog. I think she is going to be just delightful and not wildly difficult to train.

Kelly - Minnesota


October 2005

I hope this email finds you and your family doing well . I have not been online much so have not written to you lately. This is just a quick email to let you know that Harmony (Codybear's Mystical Harmony) achieved her CKC Championship yesterday by taking Best of Winners at both shows held in Trout Creek, Ontario. Stirling (Codybear's Stirling Silver) was also shown and he beat Cookie in the first show for Winner's Dog. Cookie won Winner's Dog in the second show yesterday and took Best of Breed in both shows today and only needs one more point for his CKC championship. I should have the championship pictures on Tuesday and will email you a copy of Harmony's photo . Thank you very much for Harmony and Stirling. Take care and may God Bless you and your family and keep you safe.

Patti - Canada


September 2005

Karli is an absolutely wonderful dog, full of energy and always ready for attention and fun. All the dogs get along very well. Karli is on the deck with Lucie (the chihuahua) and Kelli, our daughter, is in the picture with Karli, Lucie and Sheba (the Shephard mix). That's the 3 amigos - quite the variety pack. Let me know how (and if) the pictures come through. I'm very happy that we got Karli from you, her personality is absolutely wonderful!Terri and Marvin - MNAugust 2005We have signed Dusty up for obedience training and the results after just one class are amazing, she catches on quickly. Unfortunately the trainers are what I called Lab people, because if it isn't a Lab, then it's just another dog attitude, but we are taking it in stride. Yesterday my wife and I took Dusty down to historical St. Charles, which has lots of visitors to get her use to being around others and expose her to the noises of the city. It was amazing! Dusty turned out to be the center attraction. I am a native of this city and I have never seen people so attracted to one dog. The same people that would normal walk by you on the street stopped just to pet Dusty. There was even one guy who had stopped in the middle of the street, got out of his van just to pet Dusty and tell us about the collie he once had. There was a lady who had parked her car on the street in front of the bench we were sitting and told us that she just had to put her collie to sleep and asked if she could pet Dusty. She said Dusty's markings were just like her collies, she was doing everything she could to keep from crying. We were amazed by the number of people who stopped, both young and old, who told us about their collie they had in the past and how they wished they could have another one. I lost count of the number of people that stopped but it was more people than I have talked to in a long time. It amazed me how a puppy like Dusty could break down the walls that people put up around themselves and make them remember the past. The collie is very special animal, a gift from God. My wife and I were just commenting on how we bought a collie puppy over the Internet, really sight unseen, to receive such a gift as Dusty. She is surely a blessing to our lives. We even have talked about getting another collie puppy in a few more years. We want to thank you for sending her to us. If you ever get a chance to come to Missouri please let us know and we'll show you this old historical town.

D. Boettler - Missouri


August 2005

Daisy Willow 5 is doing well. We call her Deanna among other things. She is a wonderful companion. Best dog (and prettiest) I’ve ever had and she attracts attention wherever she goes.R. Hueneke - MT


August 2005

Their names are: Codybear's Mystical Harmony and Codybear's Stirling Silver. I hope that this email finds things going better for you and your soon to be daugther, Sarah, health wise. The Lord can truly work miracles as I am sure you are well aware and if anyone is deserving of a miracle , it is your family. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers daily. I was just writing to let you know that Harmony won Best of Breed today, and Best Puppy in Breed. Take care and please keep me up to date on how things are going for you and your family.

Patti - Canada

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