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Rough Coat Collies and Smooth Coat Collies

Stirling Collies

RARE:  Dilute Merle / Maltese Grey / Maltese Blue / Normal Grey Collie / Blue Merle Collie

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Stirling Collies

RARE:  Maltese Grey / Maltese Blue / Normal Grey Collie / Blue Merle Collie

These Merle variations are AKC registered  as Blue Merles, according to a recent discussion by the Collie Club of America in August 2018

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Rare Blue Merle Collie

Smooth Coat

Breeder:  Stirling Collies

merle phenotypes

Rare Blue Merle Collie

Rough Coat

Breeder:  Stirling Collies

Previous Article I found explaining what was known about this rare color of blue merle, before the recent research  was completed by Dr. Leigh Anne Clark and Sarah Murphy in 2018. 

Please see extensive NEW research posted by:  Dr. Leigh Anne Clark.

dr. leigh anne clark - maltese grey coll

Here is part of the Article on the Collie Health Foundation website:  Merle Gene Modifier – Maltese:

Dr. Leigh Anne Clark:
Merle gene modifiers that breeders call Maltese and harlequin are now better understood and can be viewed separately from disease genes that may alter coat color and pattern for completely different reasons. Starting on page 103 of the Bulletin’s June issue you’ll find a report covering Dr. Clark and her colleagues’ mapping of the collie genome and discoveries about the genetics of autoimmune diseases such as dermatomyositis (DMS). While the report’s main themes are DMS genetics and genome mapping, a side product of the research, was enlightening.

Dr. Clark was able to sort out the mystery of normal grey Collie coat color (No relationship to lethal greys). In testing the DNA from several different normal grays, she discovered that these Collies are actually blue merles with an additional mutation that eliminates the visible spots and produces a nearly solid grey coat. Normal blue merle littermates to a normal grey have no more chance of producing normal greys than any other blue merle. Also, no health related problems are associated with the mutated merle gene that produces solid greys than with any other Collies.

Dr. Clark cautioned breeders against euthanizing these normal greys because they will be the same as any other Collie without the mutation, except for their coat color. However, these normal greys when bred reproduce their grey color. If breeders do not want to propagate this color, they should not breed normal greys.

Dusty - maltese grey
Dusty - maltese grey
Dusty - maltese grey