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 (Diane Stirling - Working Collie Breeder in Minnesota)



Stirling Collies would like to offer you this AMAZING - No Fleas, No Ticks, No Chemicals - 4 Year Protection product for your dogs and cats!

The Pet Protector Disc is the only product in the world which repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for an entire 4-year period. It is 100% chemical-free and safe for pets, including puppies and kittens.

For more information, please visit:

Any questions, email me at:, or give me a call at:  320-420-9989 cell.

  • Repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and all other external parasites including Australian paralysis tick

  • Chemical-free, 100% safe for animals and humans

  • Lasts up to 4 years

  • Costs 20 times less than other anti-parasite products

  • Water resistant

  • Effective on dogs and cats of any age (even newborns), any weight, including ill, convalescent and pregnant pets

  • 100% odorless

  • Produces Scalar waves and creates an impenetrable, protective shield around the animal's body

  • Officially tested and proven

  • Successfully protecting millions of pets on all 5 continents

  • Delivered to your door, anywhere in the world, within 3 business days

Pet Protector

Stirlingcollies - mn commercial breeder
Stirlingcollies - pet protector
Stirlingcollies - pet protector
Stirlingcollies - pet protector

The Pet Protector Disc: Official Product Testing Results

Testing duration: 4 years (April 2009 - April 2013)

Testing locations: Argentina (Patagonia) USA (California)

Spain (Andalusia)
Australia (New South Wales)

Testing was conducted by the following team:

Mr. Marc Bachmann, M.S.Chem. - GoldStar Executive Assistant. Joined the Pet Protector mission in 1998 after making the decision to pursue a career path that would help society and the environment by boycotting the big chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Mrs. Mildred Kowalsky – Manager of Business Operations. A former owner of three dog kennels and a pet shop, joined the Pet Protector mission in 2002. Her experience in owning business which dealt with breeding and animal care are of immense value to the mission.

Dr. Bora Katalina – Specializes in treating parasite infections and Lyme disease. He is a Goldstar Company consultant and a volunteer on the Pet Protector Effectiveness and Safety Research Project.

27 Veterinary and Physics undergraduate students volunteered to take part in the Pet Protector Effectiveness and Safety Research Project under Dr. Katalina’s supervision and instruction.


Ongoing research from 2009 to 2013 was held to determine the effectiveness of the Pet Protector Disc. The effectiveness of the Disc was researched on various animal species (of different size, age, and fur length) at different locations across the globe. The locations were chosen due to their extremely varied climatic conditions.

Throughout the testing period, the Pet Protector Discs ability to effectively operate was not in the least bit hindered by power sources of any kind including: electric collars, electric fences, bypass, etc., nor did the Pet Protector Disc have an effect on the operation of any devices operating within its vicinity.

Upon completion of the testing period, the following CONCLUSIONS were drawn:

  •   Upon the completion of extensive observation of animals chosen for research and under the described conditions, the Pet Protector Disc demonstrates an

    incredible 96.67% rate of efficiency.

  •   The research also detected an extremely significant decrease of the number of

    mosquito bites found on the animals, by a rate of 93.12%, concluding that the Pet Protector Disc may also be successfully marketed as a heartworm prevention product.


    The Pet Protector Disc has proven to be the most effective product available on the market today, to prevent and protect animals from infestations of external parasites, especially fleas and ticks. After extensive testing, this product has been deemed: non-invasive, eco- friendly and is 100% safe, i.e. it does not cause harmful side effects nor have any contraindications been observed throughout the testing period.

    This product has been graded as long-term, as it has shown to remain effective for 4 years once attached to the animal’s body. The Pet Protector Disc has been graded as a highly recommended anti-parasite protection product by the team of researchers involved in the testing of this product’s efficiency.

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