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 (Diane Stirling - Working Collie Breeder in Minnesota)



Many Non-Carrier for CEA

Rough Coat Collies and Smooth Coat Collies

Stirling Collies: Expecting Puppies

If you are interested in visiting our kennel, a small deposit is required towards the purchase of one of our current or future puppies (please visit our FAQ page). 

If interested in purchasing an AKC Collie puppy, or Collie-Mix "Shollie" puppy, a deposit in 1/2 the amount is required to hold a puppy until it is ready to join your family at 8 weeks of age, (or later if needed - small fee applies).  We do accept major credit cards.  Any questions, please call, or email us.  We prayerfully consider all offers made on our puppies.
We pray for the Lord's guidance in your search for your AKC collie, or Collie mix "Shollie". All of our Collies and Collie Shepherd Mix, "Shollies", are looking for "forever" homes!

Price Includes: AKC Registration Papers (when applicable), Vet Check, CERF Exam, *1 Year Health Guarantee, Interstate, or International Health Certificate (when needed), Acclimation Certificate (when needed), Shots and Worming. Shipping is available.

*We do offer an Extended Lifetime free replacement puppy health guarantee.


Stirlingcollies - AKC Collie puppies
Stirlingcollies - AKC Collie puppies

PSALM 84:10-12    O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.

Stirlingcollies - Sable Merle/White AKC Collie

Whether for work or play, our Collie and Shollie puppies have an excellent temperament, and are well socialized before arriving in their new homes.  All Collie and Shollie Adults are gentle and calm.  Any questions, please contact Diane Stirling.


Prices vary: depending on dam/sire, color, sex, markings, structure, etc.
$800.00 - $2000.00 - Pets with spay/neuter contract
$1,200.00 - $4000.00 - Show /Breeding Prospects

Make me an offer on the puppy that you are interested in - I prayerfully consider ALL of them!

God Bless your day!

Isaiah 52:7 

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.”

Stirling Collies would like to offer you this AMAZING - No Fleas, No Ticks, No Mosquitos, No Chemicals - 4 Year Protection Product

for your Collies, Shollies, or other dogs and cats if you have them!

Click for more info:



WISH LIST - email me at

If you are interested in an upcoming litter, or a current litter, please add your name to our "WISH LIST". We will then contact you and let you know what is available. 

Blessings in your search for the right AKC Collie, or Collie/Shepherd Mix "Shollie" Companion.

We breed AKC Collie Rough and Smooth Coat Collies, ALL Normal Eyed, Non-Carrier for PRA Litters.  Our AKC Collies are N/E Non-Carrier for CEA, or N/E Possible Non-Carrier for CEA.  Our AKC Collies have GRAND Champion and Champion Bloodlines.  We also breed Collie/Shepherd Mix "Shollie" puppies.   

We are planning Shollie (Collie/Shepherd Mix) Litters for 2024.  All Collie Shepherd mix Adults are N/E for CEA and PRA.  Sire/Dam on premises, dual coat, medium size dog, excellent with children and other animals, in a variety of colors.

AKC Collie litters.  Both Rough (long - Lassie type), and Smooth Coat (short hair) Collies, with all colors possible.   All Stirling Collies are N/E for CEA, many are Non-Carrier for CEA, and ALL Collie puppies are Normal, Non-Carrier for PRA, with many Champion Bloodlines and some GRAND Champion Bloodlines.  "Some Stirling Collie Litters are Related to the Lassie Star".  Sable/White (Lassie type), Sable Merle/White, Tris, Blue Merle/White, and Whites, with Tri mkgs, Blue Merle mkgs, Sable mkgs, or Sable Merle mkgs and the RARE Blue Merle (Maltese), are hoped for in our upcoming AKC Collie litters.

*We offer Life's Abundance Premium Health Food For Pets** 


Stirling Collies believes SO strongly in these products that we offer a *Lifetime Free Replacement Puppy* on all of our Collies and Collie/Shepherd Mix puppies/adults that are kept on the Life's Abundance Dog food, or NuVet Supplements when they don't reach their life expectancy of 10-12 years.

Life's Abundance is available in dry or canned puppy/dog food.  If you decide to take advantage of this offer and switch, these products must be ordered through our direct websites at:

Life's Abundance Pet Food:

You can call your Life's Abundance order in at 1-877-387-4564.  Just mention "Stirling Collies, #20024479".

NuVet Supplements:  The NuVet Supplement order phone number is: 1800-474-7044, and my representative ID #58606.

*Lifetime Free Replacement Puppy - this does not include the vet check, cerf exam, shots, worming, transportation, carrier, or travel kit fees.  This Health Guarantee is for the health of your Collie, or Collie-Shepherd Mix, and does not cover accidental death, neglect, abuse, or injuries that your dog may sustain while being a part of your family.  We believe that Life's Abundance Pet Foods and NuVet Supplements are a great coombination to provide your dog with optimal health, so that your Collie, or Collie-Shepherd mix can live a long and happy life with your family!  This Lifetime Free Replacement Puppy Health Guarantee does transfer to new owners (if you are unable to care for your dog), when no lapse in the use of these products occurs.

Remember, it is best to order your Dog Food "before" your puppy arrives home:

We recommend "Autoship" every 2 months, based on the weight of your Collie, or Collie-Shepherd Mix.  When you autoship, you will receive "Wholesale pricing".  In most cases, the shipping charge for single and multiple bags of Life's Abundance Pet Food is $8.85 an order (excluding non-food products).  Therefore, you will save on shipping if you order a greater amount of food over a longer period of time.  For example, instead of ordering a 20 lb. bag of dog food every month for your Adult Collie, or Collie-Shepherd Mix (shipping charge of approximately $8.85 a month), we suggest a 40 lb. bag every two months (shipping charge of approximately $8.85 every two months).  Ask me how you can receive even a deeper discount on all of your food and products!  I'd love to have you join my team!

Life's Abundance Dog Food has convenient home delivery and you never have to worry about running out of food on their Autoship program! 

"30 day money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

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AKC StirlingCollies
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