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 (Diane Stirling - Working Collie Breeder in Minnesota)


Our Collies are ALL NORMAL EYED, NON-CARRIER FOR PRA and Normal Eyed for CEA,

Many Non-Carrier for CEA

Rough Coat Collies and Smooth Coat Collies and Shollies (Collie/Shepherd Mix)

We Are Planning Summer/Fall Litters.  If you would like to be notified of future AKC Collie or Shollie litters, please fill out our "Wish List" form on the Expecting Puppies Page.
I prayerfully consider ALL offers that are made on our puppies.  Our desire is to be able to help each family that inquires, be able to have a Collie or Shollie (Shepherd/Collie Mix) puppy join their family.

AKC Collie Litters

Located in Green Isle, MN

Born:  4/13/16

Please Contact Jessica Oelfke directly at:  952-457-1430, or email her at:

Our health guarantee does NOT cover other breeder's litters.  Each breeder has their own health guarantee.



Oelfke's Collies

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